A distinguished participation of “Exalto Emirates” at the Dubai International Boat Show 2022

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Exalto Emirates, the leading distributor for a number of the world’s largest brands in marine equipment, is participating in the Dubai International Boat Show 2022, which started on 9 March and continues until 20 this March in Dubai Harbor, where the company displays the latest products and services that you provide to the maritime sector.
Exalto Emirates successfully participates in DIBS 15000

Team “Exalto Emirates” during participation in the Dubai International Boat Show 2022

During its participation in this distinguished platform, “Exalto Emirates” displays a range of the latest products, technologies and advanced equipment designed for commercial and recreational boats. The Dubai International Boat Show continues its important role for the company, providing it to conclude deals and discuss ways of cooperation and strategic partnerships that contribute to enhancing business prospects and promoting the growth of the marine sector.

Latest advanced services and products

The diverse and highly efficient range of products offered by Exalto Emirates has consolidated the company’s position as a leading supplier of marine electrical and mechanical spare parts and equipment in the UAE and many countries in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent. The company’s product list includes more than an innovative product and the list of products is constantly increasing, which confirms Exalto Emirates’ continuous pursuit of development and its flexibility in adapting to the ever-changing market.

During the exhibition, Exalto Emirates will display a wide range of products from new brands such as “Parson”, “Spralding” and “Rellion”, in addition to products from the largest brands such as “Smart Giro”, “D-Turk”, and “Exalto Emirates” Torkido, OXE and others. The company also launched the tenth edition of the catalog of equipment and digital products, which will include more than 20 A product from more than 15000 brands in 15 A different category,

John Paul, General Manager of Exalto Emirates, said: “With the organization of the Dubai Expo and other major events, the economic growth of the UAE is regaining its pace. one more time. The boating sector witnessed a huge boom during the pandemic period, when travel was limited, so many sought other ways to spend their spare time and invested in buying new boats or upgrading the boats they own, and we expect better results in the coming years as the government invests heavily in marine infrastructure The boat and yachting industry is seen as an essential element in the economic development of the region, and the recently established Maritime Entertainment Association is concerned with the interests of the local and regional marine sector, coordinating with relevant institutions, and working to promote the boating industry, in addition to encouraging safe practices and the need to pay attention to environmental protection. Navy. Exalto Emirates is one of the founding members of the association and will play an important role in promoting the sector’s development in the coming years.”

Technology adoption and innovation

In addition, as part of its support for government efforts to enhance the UAE’s position as a global center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and to contribute to achieving the goals of national strategies that focus on innovation and advanced technologies, Exalto Emirates offers many advanced technical products such as monitoring and control solutions from Seazone. and “Mastervolt” lithium-ion batteries from “Re-Lion” and “Mastervolt”, electric propulsion systems from “Torkido”, “Motorguide” and other advanced products.

Paul added: “Technology is causing rapid transformations in the boating industry, and to keep pace with these rapid developments and competition in this sector, we are constantly exploring products that enhance the experience of our customers who are boat users, and we strive to be the industry leader in this regard, and this approach has prompted us to To be the distributor of marine products characterized by development and reliance on new and unique technologies.”

Exalto Emirates continues its leadership in the marine equipment and accessories sector, as it is the authorized distributor for more products from 2020 international companies.

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