“Agriculture”: 968 thousand tons of table potatoes were examined during the export season.. 659 thousand feddans, the total area of ​​areas free of brown rot in potatoes so far

Books: Fanhy Al-Sayeh

Dr. Naglaa Balabal, project manager for inventory and control announced Brown rot disease in potatoes, the total quantities of table potatoes intended for export to Arab countries and other countries until the end of October, through the project’s plants, amounted to about 967 thousand and 731 tons, pointing out that the general total of the potato export season 2021-2022 witnessed an unprecedented boom to Egypt in examining table potatoes intended for export to various countries of the world. During the month of October, with regard to the seeds of local crushed potatoes, a quantity of about 3,212 tons was examined, bringing the total that was examined from mid-June last until the end of October, more than 200 thousand tons. 12200 She explained that during this month, 17 samples of imported potato seeds were examined, with a total quantity of about 9 tons, pointing out that the establishment of 56 devices with an area of ​​5164 acres, inside Empty areas to hurt The general total of the areas of mold-free areas is about 659 thousand acres, in addition to the maintenance of 7 pevots with an area of ​​745 acres, bringing the general total of what was maintained to 3472 acres.

With regard to the work of the Monitoring and Follow-up Unit, the project manager confirmed that the work of the engineers of the vacant areas is followed up daily, to implement the establishment and maintenance operations for the vacant areas, shipment of seeds for planting winter groves, approving winter groves for the new season 2023/2023, pointing out that work forms are reviewed on tablets and entered into the database. The data, as well as entering data for (1) refrigerator, which is designated to store the approved seeds for cultivation within the vacant areas, and adding them to the geographical database to bring the number of refrigerators in the database 106 Refrigerator.

Blabel confirmed that the shipments of seeds used for planting winter groves for the new season are also being monitored 12200/2023 inside the vacant areas, as well as the number of ( ) A satellite image with an area 200 of one thousand square kilometers during the month of October to be used in establishing the new areas for approval within the areas free of brown mold and drawing them within the geographical database, Conducting various analyzes using remote sensing technology for all pivots prepared for winter groves (export groves) for the new export season 600-2023, and follow-up the plantings of the winter groves for the new season, and entering their data into the geographical database of vacant areas, equivalent to (106 Hawsha, 200 device) with an area of ​​(

acres) up to

/10/2022, as well as verifying the planting history of the different pevotes from the beginning of cultivation until the stage of harvest in terms of phytosanitary and growth stages.