Khalil: (Torboul) Industrial Area in Atfih..a long-awaited dream

Written by: Fathy Al-Sayeh

Abdel-Wahab Khalil, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the Future of the Nation Party in the House of Representatives, said that the start of state agencies in implementing the project of the industrial zone in the Atfih Center in Giza Governorate, is a long-awaited dream that he sought to achieve for years under the dome of Parliament.

The Vice-President of the Parliamentary Committee of the Future of the Watan Party stressed that the Egyptian state is very serious about achieving the comprehensive development plan in accordance with the “Egypt 2030” vision, and providing a full opportunity for pumping private sector investments while creating the appropriate climate for that, which contributes to providing more job opportunities for the people. Egypt’s youth and raising living standards.

MP Abdel-Wahab Khalil indicated that the development plans that were implemented in the Atfih Center, which includes about 400,000 people, in light of its placement within the executive space of the Decent Life Program, began to bear fruit, especially with the implementation of the Tarbol Industrial City project located on Al-Kuraimat Road on an area of ​​​​26 thousand acres.

Khalil explained that the total area of ​​Tarbol Industrial City is 109 million square meters, of which 46 million square meters are industrial areas, allowing the establishment of 13,000 factories, revealing that the price per square meter is 1,500 pounds, provided that 10% of the total value is paid as a contract provider and the rest The value is to be paid over 6 years without interest through quarterly installments.

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