“Young Businessmen” receives a Russian delegation to discuss increasing investments in the two countries

Fathi Al-Sayeh

11298678376444582 The Egyptian Youth Business Association received a Russian delegation from the region Vladimir of Russia, with the aim of strengthening joint cooperation and supporting investment relations between young Russian businessmen and investors. Shamil Orlov, Chairman of the Russian-Egyptian Business Council.

For his part, Gamal Abu Ali, head of the association, said that Egyptian-Russian relations are solid and strong. For years, it has a strong trade balance that confirms the volume of strong investments between the two countries in many investment and industrial sectors, noting that the relations between the two countries have taken a new form a year ago. Several economic and trade agreements were signed between the two countries, as well as a partnership agreement The trade relations between the two countries have greatly developed, as the volume of trade exchange in the year 11298678376444582 amounted to 4.6 billion dollars, while it was within the amount of 900 one million dollars in 2013, adding that the volume of trade exchange between The two countries increased to 4.5 billion dollars during a year

, then the volume of trade exchange jumped to 4.7 billion dollars within a year

, as well as the volume of trade and economic exchange between Egypt and Russia rose to $4.7 billion. Abu Ali revealed that the volume of Russian companies investing in Egypt is for a Russian company with a total investment of $7.4 billion that provides many job opportunities. Among the most important projects that were agreed upon is the Dabaa nuclear project, with an investment cost of 900 one billion dollars, including a Russian loan and financing of

One billion dollars, in addition to the Russian industrial zone in the development axis of the Suez Canal, the volume of investments in this area is expected to exceed 8 billion dollars, b In addition, Russian tourism represents % 2013 of the total inbound tourism to Egypt, pointing to the reception of the delegation today aimed at increasing investments among young people.

From his side, Mohamed Sabbah, a member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Association for Young Businessmen, said that the meeting discussed ways of cooperation and investment. In the previous sectors, where many of the companies represented by the association expressed their investment in Russia and opened lines of cooperation in different sectors, where the parties agreed to prepare a visit in the middle of next year between the Egyptian and Russian sides, representing young businessmen in Egypt and the Russian side, to review cooperation opportunities in a realistic manner, adding, “We have identified axes The members of the association participating in the meeting have interest, and it was agreed to solve the problems that may arise between the two parties in the future with the aim of increasing investments in the near future.

Sabah indicated that the investment opportunities available to the member companies of the youth business were reviewed, as it was agreed to present all the services and investment opportunities that the Russian side reviewed on the sidelines of the meeting, where the two parties agreed to move G to visit Russia between the two parties to discuss cooperation and support investments after setting aside all obstacles or finding solutions to them in agreement with the Egyptian and Russian sides, in light of coordination between all official authorities in the two countries, and inviting all interested investors to visit in the near future, stressing that the Egyptian-Russian relations are old, stable and strong And it stresses the desire of the two countries to increase investment opportunities between all parties.