Mrsool offers offers and discounts of up to 50% on the occasion of Black Friday

Aya Hussein

Mrsool Egypt, the leader in on-demand delivery services, has launched

Delivery On-Demand, its massive campaign to celebrate the “Black Friday” season Believing in the need for customers to participate in this important event in which restaurants and stores compete to offer the best offers and discounts at the same time every year.


Mrsool offers come with a discount rate With a value of 948%, as it offers a special offer, which is “one on you and the second on us” throughout the month of November, In cooperation with a large number of major partner restaurants, so that users of the Mrsool application can benefit from these offers directly and very easily without any conditions or complications. Karim Jamal, Director of the Messenger of Allah, confirmed R, that the Black Friday campaign launched by the company this year comes at a very important time during which the Egyptian consumer seeks to obtain his needs at the highest value for an appropriate price, and given that food requests are the popular part of the majority of Egyptians, the company decided to launch this campaign that aligns with the aspirations of customers.

Gamal added: “Mrsoul provides delivery services to more than 2 million users of the application inside Egypt, and we have ensured the readiness of the delivery agents to receive the expected volume of orders during Black Friday, with strong financial incentives. To ensure the completeness of the system by providing a competitive price offer with a highly efficient delivery service.”

For his part, Ayman Al-Najjar, Director of Partnerships at Messenger of Egypt, indicated that the Black Friday campaign is the culmination of the efforts made by the company to Over the past months, in order to increase the number of partner stores and restaurants through the application, he expressed his hope that the campaign’s special offers will be admired by customers, especially those who love to experience restaurants in Egypt, where the “One” offer was made available. On you and the second on us” with a large number of partner restaurants, including, but not limited to: “Burger King, Kababji Palace, Bon Appetit, Abu Fares Al-Suri” and Kebdet Al-Falah restaurant, which offers a buy 2 get 2 free offer, in addition to many other restaurants.

Al-Najjar confirmed that Mrsool succeeded throughout the year in adding and adding a large number of partner restaurants that users of the application are always looking for, noting that the volume of orders for Rasool partner restaurants has grown 3 times compared to last year.

Mrsool started her work inside Egypt in 2019, and is currently contributing to the delivery of requests between the parties to the system, depending on the The direct delivery model from one point to another, during which the delivery service provider agrees with the customer on all the details, and this is currently done within several Egyptian cities, especially Greater Cairo and Alexandria. )

and dependent messenger In its relationship with delivery representatives on the principle of partnership and mutual benefit Flexibility and flexibility in the performance of work, while providing distinguished loyalty programs to ensure that the delegate achieves the maximum possible profitability.