e-finance intends to launch an integrated platform for cloud computing services, the first of its kind in the Egyptian market

Rida Abu Al-Khairo Eman Al-Wasili

Cairo November 2 : The e-finance group for investments announced today Financial and Digital SAE (Egyptian Stock Code: EFIH.CA), which is the leading company in the development, management and operation of technological networks for digital transactions and the first Fin-tech company in the modern sense in Egypt, announced its intention to launch the largest and most modern integrated platform for cloud computing in Egypt during its participation in events Cairo ICT exhibition and conference scheduled to be held from 27 to 30 November , in cooperation with The world’s leading digital transformation entities, including international companies VMware, Cisco, IBM, Dell, Pure storage, Huawei, Redhat, F5, Citrix, Paloalto, Fortinet, Commvault.

Through its expected platform, e-finance aims to accelerate the implementation of various digital transformation initiatives in government institutions, the banking and non-banking sectors, in addition to the private sector, to keep pace with the developments of the global economic scene on the one hand, and to achieve the best growth rates that the state seeks to achieve for the following years. Another live. The new platform is set to be a pivotal pillar for the growth and efficiency of organizations and enhance their ability to keep pace with the great surrounding changes and the speed of digital transformation that the world is witnessing.

The platform will provide its customers with a unique package of integrated products and services, the first Of its kind in the Egyptian market, which will provide a wide range of technologies to customers that contribute to the expansion of their activities in a short time by implementing and developing a large number of businesses and transactions, thus achieving the greatest efficiency. The platform will also give customers the freedom to experiment and test new ideas before they announce them to the beneficiaries of their activities. The platform is very flexible, as it will enable each customer to define its use and control the volume of its activity according to its needs, which will provide great flexibility to reduce costs. Moreover, the platform is equipped with the latest secure computing technologies, providing multiple digital services such as software, cloud platforms, secured infrastructure, Internet of things, cybersecurity applications, artificial intelligence, big data, and others.

In this context. Ibrahim Sarhan, Chairman and Managing Director of E-Finance Group for Financial and Digital Investments, explained that the company was able to make a great leap in developing its cloud computing services system, as it succeeded in supporting it with the infrastructure necessary to manage and operate a wide range of commercial activities in the Egyptian market. Sarhan emphasized the company’s unique combined experience in this field, which enables it, along with its strategic partners, to innovate more platforms, such as the integrated platform for cloud computing services, to be launched soon, with the aim of developing the system of transactions and commercial activities and advancing the digital transformation in Egypt. Sarhan expressed his hope that the new platform will contribute to consolidating the leading position enjoyed by “e-finance” as the preferred partner for digital transformation of various institutions and entities operating in Egypt, noting that these efforts will certainly reflect positively on the company’s financial and operational results in the future.

For his part, Hossam Al-Jawly, Managing Director of “E-Finance Operating Technology” said that the company is moving forward towards enhancing its developmental role to serve digital transformation and support various economic institutions in the public and private sectors, in addition to To the banking and non-banking sectors and start-up companies. This comes through its continuous endeavors to develop and innovate the latest means and tools for digital transformation of all businesses; Especially cloud computing services, which represent one of the most important digital transformation tools for many economic sectors. From this point on; The company has been expanding its services package and has made more investments in order to develop its leading cloud computing platform, despite the difficult challenges the world is going through. The local company that has licenses to provide cloud computing services within the Arab Republic of Egypt, and has more than 15 years of experience in building and operating giant data centers, as well as its track record of successes in operating many national projects on computing. its cloud such as the Egyptian government financial network and the digital transformation of Egyptian taxes such as electronic invoice systems, electronic receipt, core taxation, petroleum product subsidy, conditional cash support such as; Solidarity, Karama, and many other national projects