“COP27” in Sharm El-Sheikh British Council

Eh Hussein

The British Council – an organization established by the UK to build bridges of cultural relations and provide educational opportunities – reveals details of its climate change program launched in Egypt with the aim of supporting Egyptians to find innovative solutions to this issue And within the framework of the Council’s support for the twenty-seventh United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which will be held in November in Sharm El-Sheikh. The “COP

” conference by inviting groups representing a wide spectrum of Egyptian youth, education experts, students, academics, researchers, artists, civil society leaders and policy makers to participate in a meaningful dialogue to bring about real change in our planet.

For her part, Ruth Cox, Deputy Director of the British Council, highlighted the Council’s role in dealing with the issue of climate change, saying, “We work closely with the British Embassy in Cairo and our partners from the Egyptian ministries on The success of the “COP” conference, and we believe that Egyptian youth of all disciplines can play a major role in shaping the future of “Q” The issue of climate change in Egypt and we are working to include them in the discussions of the “COP27” conference and beyond. Education, culture and the English language as powerful and influential tools to address urgent climate problems and create positive and long-lasting change.”

The different programs include English language, education, the arts, which include creative committees, private partnerships. In higher education, researchers links, policy dialogues, educational resources on English language, climate and gender equality along with a number of diverse and impressive youth activities and initiatives.

Abdel Fattah Nada, a graduate of the Cultural Council program comments The British Communication on the issue of climate change said, “A year ago, hosting the events of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Egypt was a dream, but it has become a reality today, and I hope that the “COP” conference will witness effective negotiations and decisions from It will make a fundamental change to chart a future for our planet. Egyptians in the fields of environment and sustainability are ready to present their efforts and creative ideas in Sharm El-Sheikh and are looking forward to global cooperation in order to implement the recommendations that will come out of this conference.” COP26 “which was held in Glasgow last year as a representative of Egypt’s youth.

Initiatives of the British Council to support the “COP27” conference

– Dissemination of climate action materials to teach language among more than ten thousand teachers throughout Egypt, working in the Ministry of Education and the Al-Azhar education system. The initiative included exploring the relationship between interfaith dialogue and climate.

– Educational teachers from Al-Azhar and the Ministry of Education joined the MOOC Language Education Climate Action Program, with the aim of effectively including climate topics in the classroom. , the ambition was to train more than one million climate ambassadors in Egypt and in Africa in general to participate in discussions on climate change.

– Creative committees are exploring the issue of climate change Through the arts, science and digital technology, these committees aim to stimulate conversations and networking between the UK and Egypt, bringing peoples, cultures and societies together to understand each other’s perspectives and collaborate on creative responses and solutions to climate change.

– The Climate Scholarships for Higher Education 15 has supported a new partnership between British and Egyptian universities, working on climate issues from doctoral and student exchange programs and creating a carbon-neutral campus to developing professional climate education (TNE) programs.
– Policy papers on health, food and agriculture, in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Climate Network in British Universities, brought together prominent scientists from universities in the United Kingdom and Egypt to present insights to policy makers in the period Pre-COP27, focusing on real climate solutions.

Summit simulation Global Climate COP 27 for School Students

– We give school students in Egypt and the UK the opportunity to engage in a simulation of negotiations within the Global Climate Summit, M Through a personal role-playing exercise in the UN climate change negotiations, they can explore the speed of response needed and the level of action countries should take to address global climate change

– Voices of Youth equips young people with debate and leadership skills needed to advocate for the most pressing climate issues.

– Climate and Gender Equality grants support organizations to advance gender equality, equity, and leadership to address climate challenges.