Nexta FinTech gets $2.2 million in funding

Eh Hussein

After successfully fulfilling all the regulations and requirements of the Central Bank of Egypt, Egypt-based fintech platform Nexta is set to launch the next generation of fintech services backed by its newly secured $2.2 million funding, as Disruptech led a pre-seed round with key international backers. 2022 Nexta, a competitor in the fintech space, intends to redefine the meaning of user experience for all digital citizens and their families across Egypt. By offering “next generation banking services,” Nexta promises a better everyday life for Egyptians by providing what is known as “modern banking.” This comes along with an unparalleled digital experience. Nexta Card will collect users’ existing payment cards, allow easy and reliable money transfer, and many other features to come.

Founded by Ibrahim Farag and Ahmed Hisham in

, with an experienced team and a visionary board of directors, NEXTA is expected to rise rapidly in the Egyptian financial technology scene and create a unique experience for the Egyptian population, a banking experience from “ The Next Generation.”

Ibrahim Farag, CEO of Nexta said: “We are proud to secure the confidence of the Central Bank of Egypt and Visa And this is only the beginning. This is shaping up to be a very competitive market. We are waiting for the official announcement of the EKYC and Digital Banking Guidelines to be one of the first applicants. This is a vast market, and we are leading the wave.”