A partnership between Netflix and the Middle East Media Initiative to provide grants for four books

Eh Hussain

Netflix announced its collaboration with the Middle East Media Initiative (MEMI) to present

20221102 in the amount of 0008 ),11 one dollar for each of the four writers participating in the summer training program offered by the initiative with the aim of promoting their creative projects.

20221102 Each year, the Middle East Media Initiative selects dozens of writers from the region, both beginning and emerging writers, and invites them to Los Angeles. For a 5-week workshop to develop their ideas in a book room and under the supervision of a professional TV writer. As part of its ongoing partnership with the Middle East Media Initiative, Netflix has selected four writers from this group, Sultan Tamer and Samar Shisha from Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Essam Ali El-Sayed from Egypt, and the writing team Karim Erekat and Muhammad Ali from Jordan to receive a grant to support their efforts in completing projects that They are working on it.

The writers will be given a period of six months to benefit from this funding, whether by setting up a writing room, or extending it. They reside in the United States to work with the initiative’s trainers and upgrade their series, or appoint certified consultants from Netflix to support the development of their projects. By the end of the six months, each of the writers will present their full story to the Netflix team.

Commenting on the partnership, Dina Nassar said Fernandez, Director of Creative Development for the Middle East and North Africa at Netflix: “We have an ongoing partnership with the Middle East Media Initiative to support emerging and promising talent in the region. To work with industry partners to provide storytellers with the tools to tell the best version of their stories. We and our creative partners are keen to redouble efforts in order to invest more in those working in the industry, and to empower talents who aspire to enter this field. The importance of this partnership stems from its role as a tool to help define the next generation of writers from the Arab world.” Fakih, Director of the Middle East Media Initiative: “What distinguishes Netflix and the Middle East Media Initiative is their access to the best resources and global connections, integrating them with the expertise of their Arab executive producers who have been influential and leaders in the industry of the modern and contemporary art scene in the region.” Hisham added, “Our Arab region does not suffer from a shortage of exciting stories or creative narrators. All we have to do is research well and work together; To hone these talents and present them in the best way. The College of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California welcomed all ideas and suggestions, and made sure that their educational approach fit the requirements of the public and cultural context in the Arab world, and now we are reaping the fruits of this unique partnership.” 20221102 Netflix and the Middle East Media Initiative have a long partnership, and each year the participants and alumni of the initiative’s program have the opportunity to meet and share their stories with Netflix CEOs. Netflix also organized training courses on creative writing. Some of the region’s most successful writers have participated in the Middle East Media Initiative programme, including Omar Salama, Tamer Mohsen, Sarah Taiba, and Maryam Naoum. Netflix, for its part, continues to work with industry partners to open up more opportunities for Arab talent and Arab storytellers, by focusing efforts and investing in talent development and skills improvement programs.