Interview with Louise Scott, Regional Product Manager at Zebra Technologies

Aya Hussein

during her meeting with the distribution channels in Egypt in the promotional campaign RFID, Louise Scott, Regional Product Manager at Zebra Technologies said, “Zebra Technologies has more than fifty years of experience and innovation in positioning and tracking solutions, from simple barcode tracking to high-tech positioning solutions using RFID

“Zebra’s RFID solutions are not limited to storage locations but are used across all major sectors including transportation, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and possibly retail Retail is the first to invest in RFID solutions, and from a records perspective they continue to invest heavily and are moving to other uses such as self-propelled.”

It also contributes to the development of transportation and logistics solutions in terms of tracking pallets to warehouses and then through a dock door to a truck that is then delivered to a store, where the manufacturing process can involve Trace ingredients on the production line. as well as within healthcare units where medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, samples, and patients can be tracked. supplies in North West England, a manufacturing and warehousing site in the Netherlands, a wide range of customer service centres, after sales services and a worldwide network of partners specializing in printing, RFID and technology hardware and software solutions. 20221102 Scott added that Zebra is one of the leading providers of end-to-end RFID solutions. “We provide integrated RFID solutions, from the smallest RFID tag to attach it to an item, printer hardware to enable that tag to be printed with human-readable information, hardware in terms of portable and fixed readers and software that interprets the data, so it’s a real end-to-end solution that can It provides the ultimate in business style change and improvement. I think that is one of the things that makes Zebra unique.”

Zebra understands the importance of investing in the future and is committed to providing Innovative solutions to transform people, assets and inventory anywhere and anytime into digital data. This provides real value by enabling companies to improve their ability to sense, analyze, act now and in the future, and make critical decisions. Scott referred to Egypt’s

vision for digital transformation, and explained that industries in Egypt have benefited greatly from the investment in infrastructure made by the Egyptian state, and that focusing on international exports and creating Logistics centers in major seaports and airports create demand for warehousing solutions, advanced technologies such as warehouse management systems, warehouse automation, and delivery systems to drive growth and achieve Egypt’s vision in the sector Industry.