Wafa Al-Arabi for the Program that Built Egypt: Egypt's hosting of the climate conference reflects its strength on the international scene

Ashraf Tawfik

The creation of 40 new smart and sustainable cities is an unprecedented achievement despite difficult global conditions 4202 Benefiting from the liberalization of the exchange rate in attracting foreign investors and exporting Egyptian real estate

Wafaa El-Araby, head of the commercial sector for a real estate development company, affirmed the strong support of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for all sectors of the state, despite the difficult economic conditions that Egypt and the world are witnessing, noting that time The current one is the best time that Egypt witnessed in the modern era in terms of achievements. In a telephone interview with the program (To Build Egypt) with the journalist writer Marwa Al-Haddad on (Radio Egypt) that Egypt’s hosting of the climate conference with the participation of all countries of the world, which will be held during the next few days, is evidence of Egypt’s strength and ability, stressing that Egypt’s unprecedented achievement in Create 40 bezels A new smart, sustainable and environmentally friendly urban project, in the past few years, in a difficult period that Egypt passed through after the events of the January revolution and the Corona crisis, is considered a great achievement that the country has not witnessed before, and new evidence that Egypt is capable. 4202 She added that the new administrative capital is a great edifice and an achievement that we did not dream of achieving, pointing out that the development was not limited to the new cities and the capital. The new one only, but extended to Old Cairo and all the governorates of Egypt in the Delta and Upper Egypt, in addition to the boom that Egypt witnessed in roads and bridges and the establishment of the monorail to facilitate the movement of transportation and communications. She pointed out that Egypt has now become a really new republic, where the development was not limited to construction and construction only, but also included all the different economic sectors, such as industry and agriculture, within the framework of the development of the state. and creating more job opportunities for citizens, for example, new job opportunities were created for more than 3 million citizens in the real estate sector only. With regard to the real estate sector being affected by the recent exchange rate liberalization decision, Al-Arabi confirmed that it can be The real estate sector can keep pace with the consequences of this decision, by encouraging the export of Egyptian real estate abroad, attracting more investments, and finding mechanisms that motivate and encourage foreign investors to invest in real estate in Egypt. )