DBK Pharma launches Delotax in conjunction with World Vitamin D Day

Aya Hussein

In the presence of a group of senior doctors in Egypt and the Middle East, and coinciding with the celebration of the International Day of Vitamin D, DBK Pharma has launched Dilutax – your solar vitamin In the Egyptian market for the treatment of vitamin D3 deficiency
This comes within the company’s strategy that aims to provide safe and effective treatment for the Egyptian patient.

The celebration coincides with the celebration of the International Day of Vitamin D.

In the presence and participation of senior doctors, most notably Dr. Gamal Hosny, Professor of Orthopedics and President of the Egyptian Orthopedic Association, Dr. Sobhi Abu Al-Lawz Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University , Dr. Eman Hussein Kamel Head of Department Health at the National Research Center and Clinical Nutrition Consultant, Dr. Mohamed Khorshid, Gastroenterology Consultant and President of the Egyptian Foundation for Developers of Digestive System and Endoscopy
The celebration witnessed the presentation of many important topics, including the importance of vitamin D and the complications of its deficiency on human health

The doctors emphasized the effectiveness of Dilutax with its natural composition and effective concentration 4000 “

D3 from cholecalciferol and similar to what the human body produces from vitamin Iu

Dr. Noha El-Debiki, Executive Director of DBK Pharma confirmed that the company’s goal is to advance the pharmaceutical industry in the Egyptian market and provide pharmaceutical products and nutritional supplements in their various pharmaceutical forms to serve patients in the Egyptian society and to promote and localize that industry in order to preserve Egyptian national security and in line with With the directives of the state in providing safe and effective medicine in the Egyptian market.
She added that the company follows the highest international quality standards In the manufacture of medicine in its factories, as well as that the company holds (ISO) and Gcc certificates, so the company exports many of its products to Arab and African countries, as well as manufacturing for the benefit of many companies in the Egyptian market.

The company participated in this celebration out of its keenness to support various initiatives that serve public health and serve the Egyptian community and the initiatives of Dr. The health of Egyptians, which was started by the state under the guidance of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi under the title “100 A million health.”

The company has contributed to raising awareness of citizens and publishing many recommendations through doctors and professors specializing in various specialties and the participation of the Egyptian citizen in these events by celebrating with him the International Day of Vitamin D

It made measurements of vitamin D for citizens and participated in several different awareness and community activities as part of its societal role.
While Dr. Muhammad Al-Maslamani, head of the commercial and marketing sector, stressed that the company is keen on development and keeping pace with all that is new and continuous effective and purposeful change. To serve the community of patients and to offer and provide safe and effective treatment for the Egyptian citizen, in the various drug groups, in addition to updating and activating 100 preparations in the different stages of registration.
The launch of the Delotex product comes within the company’s strategy to support the public health of the citizen, in the context of the severe need for vitamin

Dr. Sobhi Abu Al-Lawz noted It is necessary to pay attention to taking vitamin D medications, especially since it is difficult to obtain the percentages that the body needs, whether through sunlight or food only.

He stressed the importance and necessity of taking vitamin D3 for the health of the mother and fetus during pregnancy and for women in general after the age of forty. Dr. Gamal Hosni also indicated that these gains are not enough, and that various research studies confirm that vitamin D3 is the most appropriate and required for the body for different age stages and its skeletal importance for bone formation and health.
Dr. Eman Kamel added that vitamin D3 is the body’s maestro as it gives the body vitality and activity and controls the balance of body hormones, adding that despite the availability of sunlight In Egypt, most times of the year, members of the Egyptian society suffer from vitamin D deficiency, and therefore it is recommended to take it.
He stressed Dr. Muhammad Khurshid stressed the importance of vitamin D3 as it supports and improves immunity and qualifies the body to resist diseases.

Highlighted Events The celebration of the International Day of Vitamin D has several messages to educate the Egyptian citizen and support him with a set of recommendations to maintain the proportion of vitamin “D” at its normal level to protect health and support the body’s immunity to resist dangers and diseases and maintain public health to serve our society.