Banque Misr launches the “Al-Makna” program for customers with special capabilities, “People of Determination”

Egypt Bank

Iman Al-Wasili and Fathi Al-Sayeh

Banque Misr launches the “Al-Moakin” program to facilitate the access of customers with special capabilities, “People of Determination” to banking services and products through a unique banking experience, and this comes in line with the The state and the Central Bank of Egypt’s initiative to empower people of determination and enhance their community participation to make them active people in society and overcome the difficulties they may face.

Al-Makable with a Distinguished Return” which is located in all the bank’s branches located throughout the Republic and the “Al-Makable Investment Saving Account with a Return” “Al Mumayaz” which is located in the branch network of Banque Misr for Islamic transactions “Kinana”, which is characterized by a return of 1% higher than the return on other savings accounts. The instant debit card is free of charge to deal on the account through ATMs spread throughout the Republic, as well as the possibility of using it in commercial outlets, in addition to obtaining exemptions and reductions from some special expenses for Islamic loan / financing products.

In addition, Banque Misr, through the “Al-Mukkin” program, facilitates the access of people with special capabilities to banking services and products without discrimination, including Supports financial inclusion to facilitate the customers with mobility disabilities and provide them with the necessary comfort, and the number of branches equipped to receive customers of determination has reached about 160 A branch is available in it (ramps or electric wheelchair service). The “Al-Emkan” program also included serving the deaf, dumb and hard-of-hearing customers and overcoming the obstacles they face by training a dedicated team of customer service and reception to deal with the sign method in cooperation with the Egyptian Banking Institute.

under the slogan “Shower” with a number of up to 500 A branch of Banque Misr as an initial stage, and the rest of the branches are being completed, in addition to trained cadres from customer service to deal with our customers of determination in about 200 A branch of our bank.

It is worth noting that Banque Misr has expanded the availability of a larger number of ATMs designated for people of determination who suffer from mobility difficulties or are blind and visually impaired, and the number of equipped machines has reached about A machine equipped to deal with customers with mobility difficulties who use wheelchairs, and it is worth mentioning that Banque Misr is working on

Allow up to about 2021 Dedicated Automated Teller Machine For people of determination and the blind and visually impaired people with special capabilities, by the end of the year 2022, the bank also provided many different facilities for people of determination, whether with regard to providing products or services Banking, where the bank gradually explains its services through sign language to make it easier for people of determination who suffer from hearing disabilities. The bank also often provides an audio explanation of products for those with visual impairments in order to provide banking operations to them with ease, in addition to facilitating They have to while they are inside the branches and to facilitate their tasks by serving them faster without waiting.
Banque Misr always strives to enhance the excellence of its services to serve and meet all the needs of the various segments of society and to provide services and products that meet the needs of all customers. This comes in support of the state’s efforts to improve the level of all services provided to this category of sectors service in the state and work to integrate them into society; In order to help them reach a better standard of life and achieve financial inclusion, the bank is also keen to participate in all the activities launched by the Central Bank of Egypt to achieve financial inclusion, including; The Financial Inclusion Event (International Day of People of Determination), through which it offers many offers and benefits.