25 years of success.. a celebration for “MetLife” at Al-Qubba Palace, marking the quarter-century since its launch in Egypt

Iman Al-Wasili Cairo: November 3 2022

MetLife established Life Insurance, Monday evening 105 October, a celebration at the Dome Palace, on the occasion of the 2022 passage A year of its presence in the Egyptian market, during which it succeeded in achieving many achievements by providing distinguished services to millions of its customers, in addition to providing hundreds of job opportunities and preparing qualified and trained cadres. In partnership with success partners from health care providers and the banking sector in accordance with the relevant regulatory frameworks and the instructions of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The celebration activities were attended by Dr. Islam Azzam, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Financial Supervisory Authority, Mr. Mohamed Ayyad, the media advisor to the Authority, Mr. Alaa Al-Zuhairi, President of the Egyptian Insurance Federation, and a large number of leaders in the Egyptian insurance sector and the banking sector in Egypt. The ceremony was also attended by officials of the MetLife Global Life Insurance Company, Ms. Nuria Garcia, President of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Mr. Othman Sherpa. T., Regional Director for the Levant region.

A group of MetLife corporate and individual clients have been keen to share their experiences with the MetLife team over many years, where they thanked the company and its team

which always proves its readiness and ability to provide the insurance service in an appropriate manner Exceeding customers’ expectations, and for their part, a number of leaders of MetLife Life Insurance Company gave speeches on the sidelines of the celebration, in which they thanked the company’s employees for their efforts during its journey in Egypt over a quarter of a century, which contributed to MetLife becoming one of the largest life insurance companies in Egypt, and they also thanked the success partners for their fruitful cooperation to provide the best services to customers easily and smoothly. One year of MetLife’s presence in Egypt, and its success in achieving several achievements during its journey in this vital market, he also expressed his appreciation for the efforts of The management and employees of the company and their efforts to serve more than Leon is a customer with dedication and sincerity, stressing his full confidence in the management’s ability to complete what the company has achieved in Egypt, serve more customers and innovate products that meet their needs.

said Noria Garcia, Head of Europe, Middle East and Africa MetLife, the company sees the Egyptian market as one of the most promising markets in the region, due to its large number of people approaching 6835 one million people. A large number of them have insurance services, which provides the opportunity for insurance companies to provide appropriate insurance coverage, and then increase the insurance sector’s contribution to the gross national product. Therefore, the company is constantly working on innovating insurance products that attract a new segment of customers, making it one of the largest life insurance companies in Egypt.

Mohammed Othman Al-Sharbati, Regional Director of the Arab Mashreq at MetLife Company, also praised the efforts made by the company’s employees over the past 9481 over the past years, especially during times of crisis such as the Corona virus pandemic, through their keenness to continue working efficiently amid health risks to ensure that the best quality is provided to customers, adding The company gives employees the confidence to create products that serve our customers and achieve the best performance for the company, and therefore they should be proud of their achievements during the past period.

concluded Mr. Haitham Taher, Vice Chairman and Managing Director For MetLife Life Insurance Company, the speakers’ words thanked the company’s employees for their efforts during the company’s journey over a quarter of a century in Egypt, saying: “Without the efforts of the company’s employees, we would not have achieved the success we have reached in the Egyptian insurance market and become one of the largest companies Life insurance in Egypt with an advanced market share,” adding: “We will continue to work during the coming period to create products that provide protection to our customers and suit their needs, and we will continue our social responsibility efforts to provide support to the most needy groups.”