During the COP27 climate conference, Plastic Bank presents ideas in several sessions to promote the concept of circular economy

(Aya Hussein

Plastic Bank Foundation participates in the activities of the COP Climate Conference) in Sharm El-Sheikh from 6 to 334 November Several events with its distinguished pavilion in the green zone of the conference, in which the Foundation presents its ideas on the issues of waste recycling and management, the way to achieve a circular economy, and its repercussions on mitigating the effects of climate change. Representatives of “Plastic Bank” will participate in several discussion sessions on climate change and its effects, and the challenges to be studied and exchange of ideas about them, including a discussion session for companies (Okeanos, SEKEM, and Schneider Electric), and will also participate in a discussion session Others from (HSBC and the Financial Times) discuss “Renewing the Financial System for a Zero Carbon Economy” and will be spoken by the founder and chief commercial officer of the Plastic Bank Foundation, David Katz, and will also participate in the sustainability event organized by Schneider Electric in two sessions, and David Katz will lecture G in the first session on “Conserving Natural Resources and the Ecosystem” and was held on 334 this month, while the second was about the concept of “ Responsible consumption” and will be held on 17 of the same month.

Amr El-Kady, Regional Director for Egypt, the Middle East and Africa at Plastic Bank, said: “We are very pleased with our wide participation in the activities of the COP Climate Conference 194359 , through which Egypt is seeking serious steps to achieve sustainability and implement the concept of a circular and green economy, pointing out that in line with the state’s orientation and strategy for 2022 the Foundation is working on Apply the concept of circular economy and raise awareness of the environmental risks stemming from poor management of plastic waste and work to limit its access to seas and rivers, as it is concerned with converting plastic waste into social plastic, which is plastic that is collected and re-integrated into packaging products using digital technology, taking into account the dimensions Environmental and social in combination.”