The conclusion of the twenty-fifth training program for the Federation of Insurance Companies in Jordan

Iman Al-Wasili It was concluded at the headquarters of the Jordanian Federation of Insurance Companies today, Thursday, corresponding to 2022 /11/3 The work of the twenty-fifth advanced training program organized by the Federation on an Arab level entitled : “Applications on insurance policies specialized in general insurances” (D&O CEOs, Cyber ​​Risks and Political Risks) over a period of three days for the period from 1-3/4982 /2022 by ( ) One hour of training.

The axes of the training program covered Mr. Mustafa Al-Tal Dip-CII, who has scientific and practical experience for more than 25 years in the field of general insurance, property insurance, engineering insurance and commercial credit, and who is currently the deputy general manager of the Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance Company “Medgulf” ” – Jordan, where Supporting his expertise during the pilot program in coordination with the National Center for Cyber ​​Security by assigning Eng. Abada Ayasra to provide technical information on cyber matters and issues, as well as enlisting the assistance of Mr. Iyad Mahfouz, who works as a loss adjuster, to help familiarize participants with compensation procedures in the specialized documents subject of the program.

The training program aims to familiarize the participants with the basic foundations and principles of these insurances, the definition of the sections of this type of insurance and who are the insured, the general definition The structure of the policy in terms of the covered risks by explaining and detailing each of these risks, explaining the contract exceptions, clarifying and explaining who are the persons or entities entitled to claim, making a claim under this type of insurance, the nature of accidents that may fall within the insurance coverage, definition Explanation of the basic principles and foundations of underwriting, applications and practical examples of these documents. ) participating, including (16) a participant from (71) an insurance company shop A participant from the Jordanian Federation of Insurance Companies, a participant from Aknan Consulting and Insurance Risk Management Company, a participant from the Smart Insurance Brokerage Company, a participant from the Jordan Kuwait Bank, (4) participants from the Jordan Electricity Company, and (4) participants from the Palestinian insurance market from the National Insurance Company and the National Insurance Company Takaful Insurance.

It is noteworthy that this training program is the twenty-fifth organized by the Federation since the beginning of the year 2022 In line with the Federation’s training plan for the year 2022, which includes 29 A training program designed to cover the training needs of workers in the insurance sector locally and in the Arab world, especially in line with the requirements of the new insurance regulation law No.

for the year 2021 that became Effective as of 71/6/ .