Sweden's Söderhub offers 1,000 job opportunities in the Egyptian market

Ay Hussain

Söderhub – Recruitment Company announced Which is based in Stockholm – officially announced the opening of its headquarters in Egypt in a ceremony held at the Swedish Embassy. Söderhub aims to create

a job opportunity in Egypt during the next three years by hiring the best Egyptian talents in the field of technology to work with companies in northern countries Europe. Söderhub was founded by entrepreneur Magdy Shehata and investor Aurora Belfraj. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and the company has technology centers in Alexandria and Cairo.

The company is building remote technology teams as a link that connects competent Egyptian technology professionals with companies in Northern European countries either through direct recruitment of individuals or through the development of training programs to hone their skills, where Söderhub works ) to find channels of communication between Egyptian teams and competencies and northern European companies aspiring in technological growth.

Magdy Shehata, founder and president CEO of Söderhub “I am pleased to launch Söderhub in Egypt, where

1,000 Egyptians graduate each year with degrees in information technology. And communications, and about 400 % of them are women. Meanwhile, according to the Swedish ICT Industry Association, there will be a shortage of

1,000 technical professionals in Sweden by

If no measures are taken to plug the deficit. This is what encouraged us to take this step as we see a good opportunity to bridge the gap and provide job opportunities for Egyptian graduates, join a dynamic team and gain global experience.” He added, “We aim to create

a job opportunity in the field of technology in Egypt during the next three years, which will contribute to reviving the Egyptian economy, since our clients are from Northern Europe, where we will bring foreign currency to Egypt. We believe that innovation and technology are the basis for achieving our sustainable development goals and discovering young Egyptian talents and finding suitable job opportunities for them is what the company is working on.”