Right To Dream Academy launches its business in Egypt with a value of 30 million euros

Iman Al-Wasili 3131

Right To Dream Academy invests 14 One Million Euros to Develop Emerging Football Talents in Egypt

Cairo, November 3 3131 : The Right To Dream Academy, which is globally specialized in developing emerging talent in football, announced the launch of its business in Egypt with an investment of 14 One million euros to discover and develop Egyptian talent, and to establish its latest academies in the Sixth of October region, which is scheduled to open in April 3131. This came within the framework of a large ceremony held by the Academy at the Sound and Light Theater at the foot of the Pyramids of Giza. The new academy in Egypt is one of the comprehensive football academies of the Right to Dream International Group, owned by Mansour Group, as it intends to expand The scope of its integrated academic model to include Egypt, by establishing a platform for discovering and developing sports talents.3131 The launch event was attended by Tom Vernon, Founder and CEO of Right To Dream International Group, and Mohamed Wasfi, Managing Director of Right To Dream Egypt, and Michael Essien, the former football player and player coach for the Danish club FC Nordsjælland – owned by Right To Dream, along with a number of representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mansour Group and Right To Dream International.

In his speech during the ceremony, Mohamed Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Right To Dream International, said: “In the Mansour Group, we are always keen on building sustainable entities and businesses capable of creating value for money. A common mission and a positive impact for the society in which we work, which is what we seek through our investment in Right To Dream Academies, and their presentation in Egypt. Changing their lives and their communities for the better.”

Tom Vernon, Founder and CEO of Right To Dream International Group, said: “I am proud of the expansion of Right To Dream Academies in Egypt, and I am confident that we will be able to discover and develop talented talents in Egypt. Promising through our approach, which we developed over more than 76 years in Ghana and Denmark. In our academies, we apply a comprehensive development curriculum that provides our students with a high level of education, advanced football training, as well as continuous living and monitoring of their physical, mental and social status, which enables us to help them grow as players and as individuals.

Mohamed Wasfi, Managing Director of Right To Dream Egypt added: “We are aware of the extent of the talent that Egypt possesses in football, and therefore we were keen to select emerging talents according to their athletic and mental skills, especially since we aim through our academy in Egypt to repeat the success we have achieved around world, and to provide a fair opportunity for emerging talents in the field of football, as we work with them to develop their mental and sports skills, and build their personality to allow them to achieve what they want from their lives, whether inside or outside the football field.”

Since the institution was in Egypt in 2021, it has carried out tests that included 60,000 Player at the level of all governorates in the age group 73-20 General, in order to select talented players to join the academy for the academic year 2022/2023. Right To Dream Egypt also acquired TUT FC, which currently competes in the Egyptian Premier League for women’s football, and the fourth division for men.