Harvest of the Ministry of Manpower in a week

Eh Hussein

The Ministry of Manpower has announced new figures during the past 7 days, confirming that the “Ministry” continues to serve and support Stalled factories and companies, protecting their workers, and supporting irregular employment in times of challenges and crises, a weekly harvest that goes in the direction of the state’s plans and programs for the “dignified life” of the Egyptian people, and at the heart of it are the most needy groups. Rehabilitation, irregular employment, and companies affected by the current challenges .. As well as the fruitful results in a meeting between Minister of Public Power Hassan Shehata and Minister of Immigration Suha Gendy, in which it was emphasized that all efforts should be made to protect and care for Egyptian workers abroad .. as stated in The Ministry’s data this week on providing job opportunities in 19 a governorate, in light of the continuation of the “Minister” directives to investigate accuracy and credibility in these matters. “Opportunities”, as the week witnessed the return of the entitlements of Egyptian workers who left Jordan… and the manpower directorates in the governorates continue their daily activities by implementing the “Climate M” initiative. My Responsibility” launched by the Ministry to raise awareness of climate protection, occupational safety and health in all work sites for a clean environment, as well as its activity in “training for employment” within mobile and fixed training centers spread in the the details..


The Board of Directors of the Emergency Benefit Fund, headed by the Minister of Manpower Hassan Shehata in its meeting, announced the The volume of subsidies disbursed to employees of establishments from the Fund, since its establishment” in June 2002, until the end of September 3962, He said it amounted to about 2 billion and 162 One million pounds benefited from it 421 Alpha and 2400 A worker has been working in a 6369875 facility since its establishment..The Minister confirmed During the meeting, the emergency fund was established for the purpose of protecting faltering private sector facilities in times of crisis and helping them to meet the wages and salaries of their workers, and it is ready at all times to assist any A company applies for a subsidy wherever it stumbles, according to the conditions and regulations regulating the work of the fund, explaining that we are all in one country, and keen on its stability and progress, adding: In the framework of this trend and the new social package announced by the government a few days ago, under the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, there Also, continuous and additional support for irregular employment, from its social and health care accounts, which are affiliated with the Ministry and its directorates, in coordination with all the competent authorities.

Training and Rehabilitation:

The Minister of Manpower also stressed the importance of the role played by the Ministry’s Training and Qualification Support Fund, in developing training centers and qualifying young people for the professions required for the labor market, noting that training receives the attention of the Egyptian state, directing the Fund’s Board of Directors to continue In following up the changes taking place in the labor market, and determining its needs for training and rehabilitation, to continue supporting the training file for employment..This came during Shehata’s presidency of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Training and Rehabilitation Fund, at the Ministry’s General Diwan, in the presence of members of the Council from representatives of employers and workers organizations and ministries In a press release, the Council discussed the topics presented to it, including: the financial situation of the fund, the problems that obstruct the collection of its dues with the subject establishments, and the position of the activities it engages in, represented in financing training centers and programs, as well as other training activities, explaining that the total Funding provided by the Fund since its inception in 2003, and until Now it has reached 136 million and 819 thousand pounds..During the meeting, the Minister pointed out the importance of the role of training in any country that moves towards achieving growth rates in different directions, and creating an attractive climate for investment, whether local or foreign, which in turn requires a sound structure that helps to achieve outstanding performance and to Its chief is to rehabilitate the human element and raise its levels of performance, which is one of the objectives of the Fund. The Minister recommended the need to expand the scope of training and diversify the training programs offered to young people, while studying all sectors of work and identifying their needs for professions in order to provide new and updated programs in cooperation with all agencies The concerned country, and an agreement with the private and investment sector establishments to maximize the qualification of human cadres working within Ha.

Irregular Employment:
The Ministry of Manpower warns citizens against falling into the “trap” of fraudulent methods Managed by some people and people with weak souls, in the name of the “Ministry”, by calling, or sending fake text messages from mobile phone numbers, regarding the disbursement of a grant to irregular workers, with the aim of collecting their data, asking them to pay fees, and defrauding them.. And the “Ministry” called upon “In a statement to citizens, not to be drawn into these methods, and it clarifies that it is not correct to contact them or send text messages through mobile phone numbers to collect their data or register it to obtain a grant for irregular employment, and that communication with them in this regard is through the official websites of the Ministry And its directorates in the governorates only.. The Ministry confirmed that it has an official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, under the name “The Egyptian Ministry of Manpower”, and it bears the blue verification badge as an official approved page, in addition to the Ministry’s official website: =AT2edaqOU8WgNQAOMYsLar4cZSBT5nvrdglLH3xOx1HX1S52_DsImjRSDY8hm1NnVknFaJRt4OwheMQzguxTH-DLP98 qt8Ftxhjv2Y0AYSHtsEyQL2oNT52 u2jBWy MHMQG7wVSZN3fJF7Aaj8vUYcuhwMcKxHOmbS24 Pq8fyBfFgFadPwY9wbj-fEFn91fQ3h1qrGd0OCb” rel=”nofollow noopener” role=”link” tabindex=”0″ target=”_blank”>, and the “Ministry” is currently developing mechanisms for inventory, registration and communication with these “employees” on the ground in their work sites, With the aim of preparing an integrated database about them through which they can be included more broadly, under a comprehensive insurance, social and health umbrella.

With the Minister of Immigration:
The Minister of Manpower received Ambassador Suha Jundi, Minister of State for Immigration and Foreign Affairs For Egyptians abroad, at the Ministry’s general office, to discuss aspects of cooperation and common files.. The Minister of Immigration expressed her happiness to hold this important meeting, which comes within the framework of cooperation, coordination and concerted government efforts to achieve the interest of Egyptians abroad, in implementation of the assignments of the political leadership, pointing out that there are many The joint files, and that the goal is one and is to protect and care for Egyptians abroad, noting that the Ministries of Immigration and Manpower complement each other, and there are a number of challenges facing Egyptians abroad, and solving them requires achieving this cooperation.. For his part, and at the beginning of the meeting, he welcomed The Minister of Manpower at the Minister of Immigration, and in the audience, stressing that cooperation between the two “ministeries” is continuing in many common files of interest to Egyptian workers and immigrants abroad, stressing that the Ministry of Manpower is keen to take care and protect Egyptian workers abroad through the labor representation offices of the Ministry in the Egyptian embassies that It works to solve all the problems facing this “employment”, and communicates with it to make it aware of its rights and duties, and to intervene in the event of special problems in work contracts, or any disputes…as well as Dr. Minister on the role of the “Ministry” in training and qualifying Egyptian workers through fixed training centers and mobile training units on the professions needed by the labor market, as training units move between the villages most in need to cover the largest possible number of young people, within the framework of the “Your profession is your future” initiative. Launched by the ministry as part of the presidential initiative He accompanied the Minister of Immigration on an inspection tour of the Egyptian labor services unit abroad after its development to deal with citizens in a humane and decent manner, as well as a tour of models for mobile training vehicles that are being manufactured within the ministry in preparation for distribution to the governorates.

Job Opportunities:

The Ministry of Manpower announced that it has received requests from A private sector company at the level of 14 Governorate to fill 6369875 A vacant job, in a number of specialties, with salaries starting from 2400 EGP per month, in addition to health and social insurance, in order to apply for it, during the period from 1 to 15 November 2002 Ongoing.

It was stated in a press release that the periodic employment bulletin issued by the “Ministry” announces job opportunities. New, available at 07 a governorate, which are: Cairo, Sharkia, Qalyubia, Gharbia, Beheira, Damietta, Port Said, South Sinai, New Valley, Qena, Assiut, North Sinai, Qena, Menoufia .. In the following specializations: engineers, supervisors, branch officials, salesmen, production workers, call center, sales representatives, and drivers, Tailoring and sewing workers of all specializations, technical professions, security personnel in distinguished positions, chemists, finance and financial services specialists, and all specializations of hotel jobs, and other specializations.

The Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, directed all Directorates of manpower in the governorates to intensify the follow-up after announcing these jobs and send a report to the Ministry stating that the person wishing to work has received the appropriate opportunity for him, and to investigate credibility in the dissemination of job opportunities. The advertised jobs, and sending them to the companies that announce these “opportunities”, in addition to organizing employment forums in the governorates and following up on the opportunities they offer.

Return of dues:

The Ministry of Manpower announced in a statement that the Office of Labor Representation Follow up with the officials of the Social Security Corporation in Jordan – to complete what was previously transferred – the process of transferring list No. 542720194565072 of the social security dues for about An Egyptian worker with the “Establishment” left Amman permanently.. The Ministry said that The dues amounted to 600 thousand and 3962 US dollars, equivalent to 6 million and 106 Approximately one thousand Egyptian pounds.

The press release stated that Hassan Shehata, Minister of Manpower, received a report from the labor attaché, Talaat El-Sayed, head of the labor office in Jordan, in which he announced all the information in this name. “Entitlement”, appealing to all citizens who have entitlements with the General Organization for Social Security, to review the names on the Ministry of Manpower website =AT2edaqOU8WgNQAOMYsLar4cZSBT5nvrdglLH3xOx1HX1S52_DsImjRSDY8hm1NnVknFaJRt4OwheMQzguxTH-DLP98 qt8Ftxhjv2Y0AYSHtsEyQL2oNT52 u2jBWy MHMQG7wVSZN3fJF7Aaj8vUYcuhwMcKxHOmbS24 Pq8fyBfFgFadPwY9wbj-fEFn91fQ3h1qrGd0OCb” rel=”nofollow noopener” role=”link” tabindex=”0″ target=”_blank”>, as well as published on the “Facebook” page of the Egyptian Embassy in Jordan, in order to inquire about the names, and if the name exists The beneficiary must quickly go to the nearest branch of the Cairo Bank to immediately disburse the dues. days from the date of announcing the transfer of dues, indicating that coordination and preparation are carried out on an ongoing basis to send the remaining payments to their beneficiaries in succession, as soon as they are audited by the concerned authorities in order to preserve the rights of citizens who are entitled to these payments.