Harvest the activity of the Ministry of Immigration within a week

Aya Hussein

The Ministry of State publishes For Immigration and Egyptians Affairs Abroad, a report shed light on the weekly activity of Ambassador Suha Jundi, Minister of Immigration, during the period from 31 October to November 3, which is as follows:

1) The Minister of Immigration, Ambassador Suha Gendy meets with the Minister of Manpower to activate cooperation in joint files, and they inspect the “training” and “services” units and coordinate to educate Egyptian workers abroad about their rights and duties, and provide vocational training in villages exporting the phenomenon of illegal immigration within the framework of the two presidential initiatives “A decent life” and “lifeboats.”

2) Within the framework of the “Egypt Can Industry” harvest.. Two contracts were signed with “Papirios Egypt” to establish a factory to recycle the waste of banana trees, and Eng. Ramy Azer, CEO of “Papirios Egypt” and one of Egypt’s experts, confirmed his keenness. The company on the transfer and localization of technology Modern environmental loggias used in green industries and waste recycling.

3) Within the “An Hour with the Minister” initiative, the Minister of Immigration, Ambassador Suha Gendy, meets with a number of the Egyptian community in the central, western and southern parts of the United States of America, with the participation of about

from the Egyptian community in the states of central, western and southern United States of America through the “Zoom” application, where I reviewed the most prominent investment opportunities in Egypt and the incentives provided to Egyptians abroad

4) Minister of Immigration Ambassador Suha Jundi sends messages of the political leadership’s keenness on the interests of Egyptians abroad during her participation with the journalist Youssef Al-Husseini on Channel One.

5) Minister of Immigration Ambassador Suha Gendy explains the most prominent features of the executive regulations of the law of bringing Egyptians abroad to their cars and investment opportunities in several areas inside the country in her meeting with the journalist Ramy Radwan on dmc.

6) Minister of Immigration Ambassador Suha Jundi receives the Engineer Tamer Hedayat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American company Netsync Network Solutions and one of the most prominent experts in the “Egypt Can” series of conferences, to discuss cooperation in the file of Egyptians’ investments abroad inside their country. Her Excellency also praised the role of Egyptian businessmen abroad in pumping investments into the Egyptian market and contributing in sustainable development plans, and providing job opportunities for specialists in various fields.

7) Minister of Immigration Ambassador Suha Gendy receives Dr. Magdy Nashaat, head of the Canadian Authority for Egyptian Heritage, to discuss the details of the activities of the Egyptian Civilization and Heritage Month, which is organized annually in July in the Canadian province of Ontario, after its launch in to discuss ideas for developing the celebration and involving Egyptians abroad in its activities, to promote Egypt’s cultural and civilized goals.

2022 Minister of Immigration, Ambassador Suha Jundi announces the organization of a session in the “Conference Climate” Cop29 for young people studying abroad to present their projects M to serve the environment, after the conference management approved the session of “Young Researchers Abroad” among 800 proposals that were officially registered.

9) Minister of Immigration Ambassador Suha Gendy receives Representative Amr Hindi, member of the House of Representatives for Egyptians abroad, in light of the cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities, in order to review requests And proposals that would serve and meet the needs of Egyptians abroad, and the meeting witnessed a presentation of all the stimuli presented by the ministry in cooperation with the concerned authorities to serve Egyptians abroad.

10) Minister of Immigration Ambassador Suha Gendy attends the signing ceremony of the book “Pope Tawadros II.. Years of Love for God and the Country” at the headquarters of the Coptic Orthodox Church; Where the book deals with his national vision of the most difficult ten years in the history of Egypt, and the book was written by the media, Sherine Abdel Khaleq. The Minister stressed that His Holiness Pope Tawadros II is a national symbol who helped his wisdom and prudence to cross the ship of the homeland safely in a period full of challenges.