Dolmen Real Estate Development increases the construction volume in the “Pierre Mall” project in the New Administrative Capital

Ashraf Tawfiq

Dolmen Real Estate Development Company confirmed that it has increased the volume of construction in the project “ Pierre Mall” in the new administrative capital, where the concrete structure of the entire project has been completed, and the finishing work on the project is underway. Abdel Azim Khalil, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dolmen Real Estate Development, confirmed that the company has pumped investments worth 194 one million pounds in the project. Within 6 months, it is planned to deliver the project by the end of next year according to the time specified for delivery, which is happening with the high occupancy rate in the project area, pointing out that the password for the success of any commercial project is the occupancy rate surrounding it.

He explained that the “Pierre Mall” project is located on an area of ​​3,000 square meters and consists of a low ground floor, a first and second commercial floor, and an administrative last floor. With a total of 194 square meters of sales area with more than 194 shops with various areas that meet the needs of A large segment of customers, indicating that the company has strong requests for brands to be present in the project.

He pointed out The company has marketed 194 % of the project, and is marketing the remaining percentage gradually according to a specific plan. The company does not market the project immediately upon its launch so as not to There will be a gap between the selling price and the cost of implementation, which was proven by the recent period that witnessed an increase in the cost of raw materials and therefore the cost of implementation. He indicated that the company did not raise prices due to the implementation of a large part of the construction, which reduces the effects of the increases resulting from global inflation and the rise in the prices of building materials, which shows the importance of the company’s focus on implementing the project, which has been a priority for the company since the start of work

He explained that speeding up the execution rates prevents a gap between the selling price and the execution cost, which protects the company and the client. Also.

He added that the third residential neighborhood includes

A thousand units will gradually be inhabited with the start of the transfer of state employees of the Administrative Capital, which makes the need for the availability of services necessary and complementary to housing, stressing that the company, while choosing the location of its project, aims to choose quick housing and high occupancy places in order to maximize the return on investment in its projects, which benefits customers and the company.
He added that the company focused on pumping large investments in the construction of the project without being linked to the volume of marketing, which reflects the strength of the financial position and at the same time enhances the company’s credibility with its clients and increases From the volume of trust in the name of the company, which increases its customer base.