Eman Ali, Director of Marketing at REG Real Estate Development

Aya Hussain

Eman Ali took the position of Director of Marketing at “R” Company IG Real Estate Development, which owns the Diamond Towers project in the New Administrative Capital, and Iman Ali has taken over many marketing positions with the most important real estate developers, led by Talaat Mustafa Group, New Plan Real Estate Development, Master Group, Dahab Real Estate Development and Khaled Sabry Holding,

Eman Ali said that RIG has an expansion plan during the coming period in conjunction with the development witnessed by the real estate market, especially within The new administrative capital, and to benefit from the distinguished investment climate within the real estate market in Egypt.

She indicated that it will A number of marketing plans are being developed, which ensure the spread of its brand and draw a strong mental image of the company and its projects with customers, and indicated that the company has a strong precedent in the real estate sector and has started to develop in the cities of the delta through a number of projects The developmental project, and said that it plans to put forward a number of real marketing ideas that depend on real messages and that the company actually presents in its projects without exaggeration or falsification of facts in terms of resonant intangible terms on the ground, and this comes within the company’s strategy, which includes providing valuable and strong investment opportunities to its customers It owns three distinct projects in the Administrative Capital, each of which is unique in providing various investment advantages in all respects and will be announced during the coming period