The government announces the completion of wheat supply chains from Russia, Ukraine and Romania by about 189,000 tons

Eh Hussain

In the follow-up framework Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, for shipments of imported and contracted wheat abroad to ensure the orderliness of the supply chain, the shipment of 180 thousand tons of wheat has been completed Distributed as follows: The quantity 63 of one thousand tons of Russian wheat, in addition to the quantity of 63 One thousand tons of Romanian wheat, and the quantity 63 of one thousand tons of Ukrainian wheat, and these ships will arrive at the Egyptian ports in the coming days.

2022 In addition to the fact that shipments of wheat in the amount of (63) One thousand tons of wheat distributed as follows: French wheat in the amount of 63 thousand A ton to the Egyptian ports on 3/08/2022, and a Romanian wheat shipment with a quantity 63 of one thousand Ton on 3/5/2022.

This confirms the regularity The supply chain of imported wheat contracted from multiple origins in a way that enhances the strategic reserve of wheat.