A technological revolution for the treatment of weakness and loss of vision by ultrasound

Degenerative retinal disease, caused by the progressive deterioration of the light-sensitive photoreceptors in the retina, is one of the leading causes of vision loss and blindness, affecting tens of millions of people worldwide.
According to experts, there is an opportunity to restore vision by direct stimulation of neurons in the retina.
A research team at the University of California has found a technique that enables to strengthen vision and restore sight in blind people, using ultrasound, without the need for surgical procedures.
According to Norf Studios, researchers have developed an ultrasound vision recovery system, which consists of special glasses with a camera, and a transducer device. It works by ultrasound.
“The light-sensitive cells in the retina may be completely damaged,” explained Dr. Qiva Chu, the lead author of the research. or partially and leads to a deterioration in vision, but the associated neural circuits connected to the brain are often intact, providing an opportunity to restore Vision by direct stimulation of neurons in the retina.”
He explained that ultrasound can stimulate damaged cells in the retina To work again, by transmitting signals to the brain.
The research team tested their approach on the eyes of blind mice, where they gave them stimulation using Ultrasound.
The researchers explained that ultrasound is sound with a frequency much higher than what can be heard by humans, as it can be manipulated These high-frequency sounds focus on the target area of ​​the eye for treatment.
The results of their tests showed reactivation of small groups of neurons in the eyes Blind mice, in a way similar to the activation of healthy eyes when exposed to light signals.
In turn, explained Dr. Mark Humayun, researcher The participant in the project, that “experiments on mice showed that neurons emit the strongest signal when they are activated by ultrasound about 5 times per second, and the higher the frequency of those waves, the stronger the activation of the cells. Nervousness.”