“Credit Agricole Egypt for Development” and “Education First” hold their annual meeting with the youth of “Ebhar Misr”

Iman Al-Wasili wrote

2022 “Credit Agricole Egypt for Development” and “Credit Agricole Egypt for Development” institutions held “Education First” held their annual meeting with young graduates of the “Ebhar Misr” program to discover and support talented young people, which was launched in the year

under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Education.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Assem Ragab, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Credit Agricole Egypt, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Credit Agricole Egypt for Development and Dr. Mahmoud Hamza, CEO of Education First Foundation. This year’s meeting resulted in the launch of the “Ebhar Misr Students Union”, which includes representatives of graduates from various fields of the program – arts, sciences and technology, and a contract was signed for the university scholarship provided to the student Fatima Ali Al-Banna, who was accepted at Lafayette University in the United States of America and provided by Credit Agricole Foundation. for five students per year. The annual meeting also dealt with an open dialogue with the graduates of the “Ebhar Misr” program in order to know and keep abreast of the opportunities and challenges facing young people and discuss them to learn about their ideas and different visions to work on development and continuous support for them, which confirms the continued support of Credit Agricole Egypt for Development and Education First Foundation

The meeting culminated in an artistic performance by the “Ebhar Misr Music” band. and singing” and presenting the band’s first show since its formation in front of a wide audience at the Education City Theater in 6th of October, which comes as part of the program’s youth talent activities, supported by the directives of the great musician Hani Shenouda, the program’s musical sponsor since its launch. The band was presented to the audience by the able artist Tariq Al-Desouki, the cultural advisor to the Education First Foundation, in support of the program’s talents. : Dr. Salma Al-Bakri Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Education First Foundation Academic and Executive Partner of the Program: Prof. Dr. Hossam Badrawi, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Education First Foundation and Prof. Ziad Ahmed Bahaa El-Din, former Deputy Prime Minister and d. Randa Shaheen, Head of the Public Education Sector, and Ms. Fatima Al-Zahra Ezz El-Din, Director General of Official and Distinguished Schools at the Ministry of Education. Each of them preferred to give a speech to the youth and attend in support of the program and stimulus to work in order to provide the best for the youth of Egypt. “Ebhar Misr” seeks to discover and support young talents from 14 to 2018 years in the fields of arts, sciences and technology as part of the Crédit Agricole Foundation’s strategy to support sustainable development and advance development through several community initiatives, including youth sponsorship and talent support