Jameh announces the start of the activities of the national competition for local and heritage food products, March 16th

نيفين جامع Nevin Jameh
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)3332287227878814763 Minister of Trade and Industry Nevin Jameh announced the start of the activities of the national competition for local and heritage food products in mid-March, where the competition in its first session will have the participation of 165 An official production body competing from 3332287227878814763 A governorate with a total number of 763 a local heritage food product Cairo, Giza, Damietta, New Valley and Gharbia are among the most prominent governorates participating in the competition, whether in terms of the number of participants or products.

The Minister said that the competition is a successful mechanism for introducing the food heritage, preserving the historical identity of the Egyptian food, contributing to the local economic development of the regions and groups working in this sector, and achieving the goals of the presidential initiative “a decent life” for the development and development of the countryside. The majority of these products come from micro and small companies, associations and institutions from different governorates, pointing out that this competition has achieved successful experiences in a number of countries, including Switzerland, Tunisia and Morocco, especially as it represents an important event around which all state agencies concerned with development gather and hundreds of producers participate in it With the presence of thousands of consumers from the people of the country, in addition to its success in attracting the attention of tourists, international importers and international chains of stores interested in this field. Jameh explained that the competition aims to promote and market traditional Egyptian food products in a way that contributes to increasing sales and creating job opportunities for producers and distributors of these products, as well as providing opportunities to link the tourism sector with the heritage food products sector by encouraging the organization of programs And tourist trips to discover the food heritage in the various governorates and promote tourism to those areas, in addition to contributing to increasing exports and reducing imports of food products, which contributes to reducing the trade balance deficit.

The Minister pointed to the formation of a committee This is headed by the Minister of Trade and Industry, with the participation of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization “UNIDO” as a strategic partner, as well as the ministries of Supply, Agriculture, Environment, Tourism, the Food Industries Technology Center and Agro-processing, and the Enterprise Development Agency. Small, medium and micro, the Chamber of Food Industries, the Export Council for Food Industries, the Industrial Modernization Center, the Egyptian Chefs Association, the agricultural faculties of Egyptian universities, the Market Access Support Program funded by the Swiss government, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations “FAO” and the Women’s Economic Empowerment Program” Rabha” funded by the Canadian government.

It is worth mentioning that the competition will be organized In four stages: the first is the judging and tasting stage, which takes place on March 16 and 17 through a committee of three people (consumer – producer – specialist) to evaluate the product in terms of appearance, taste and smell and to determine the list of the winning products, and the second is the award ceremony for the owners of the winning products on March 26 in Orman Park in Giza, and the third phase includes organizing an exhibition for sale on March 25 and 26, which will be a unique opportunity for producers and entrepreneurs in the field of local and heritage food products to display and introduce their products, open outlets for sale and increase their profits, while the fourth phase is to promote those products from During the implementation of promotional campaigns and tourism programs to introduce local and heritage food products, during the period from April 2022 to March 2024.

The competition, in its first edition, targets sweets and processed fruits, which include canned dates, dates, dried fruits, jams, molasses, juices, halva, honey, dairy products, including cheese, ghee, butter, kiosk, and meat and fish products, including meat, pastrami and seafood. Salted or seasoned, as well as vegetables, oils and aromatic herbs, including molokhia, falafel, pickles, flaxseed oil, olive oil, cottonseed oil and herbs, as well as cereals and their products including rice, bread, unleavened bread and other grain products.