“Baron Developments” launches. Its two projects (sky complex) and (Vigor) with investments exceeding 2 billion pounds

Ashraf Tawfik

• Mina Zarif: We are targeting a residential project in the Administrative Capital

• Sky complex, the first commercial, medical, administrative project in Nasr City under Emirati management

Baron Real Estate Development Company, one of the largest leading companies in the real estate market, announced the launch of its latest sky complex projects in Nasr City, with expected sales of 650 million pounds.

Engineer Mina Hazem Zarif, a member of the company’s board of directors The sky complex project is a multi-activity project (commercial, administrative, medical) in the most important areas of Nasr City, with an area of ​​3850 square metres. It consists of ground floor and 5 floors. It includes 200 alone between commercial, administrative and medical. Targeted sales.

Mina Zarif revealed the assignment of the actual management and operation process to an Emirati company, which is the first precedent of its kind in such projects in Nasr City that the mall is managed by a management and operation company.

Mina said that the company contracted with the consultant office, Engineer Mohamed Talaat, to work on the engineering, construction and advisory designs for the project, and it is one of the largest consulting offices that did the designs. The engineering and construction work of the Egypt Mosque in the new administrative capital, and a contract with El Sewedy Electrics Company was also contracted to build the complete infrastructure for the project.

The board member said that in conjunction with the launch of the sky complex project, Baron launched the second phase of its Vigor project in the Dawn area. Town in the new administrative capital, which is the first work of the Baron Company in the new administrative capital. It is a commercial, administrative, medical project with a total investment of 650 million pounds on an area of ​​3800 square meters and consists of ground floor and 10 floors and includes 280 various units. The company aims to achieve 30% of the project’s sales at this stage.

Mina Zarif revealed the launch of the company’s third project in the Fifth Settlement in Tamer Hana area, on the northern 90th Street, next to the universities. A project that addresses a specific segment of society, namely young people and expatriates, taking advantage of its unique and distinguished location near universities.

He said that the company’s expansion plan aims to keep pace with market demands and needs and work to meet them

He added that the company plans to implement a residential project in the new administrative capital and aims to sacrifice 600 million pounds as investments during the current year 2022.

It is worth mentioning that the Baron Company is one of the largest developers in Nasr City, as it implemented about 150 housing projects and housed more than

families. The Fifth Settlement with regard to housing and withdrawing its share from the new administrative capital. At the level of commercial, administrative and medical projects, the demand for the new administrative capital is still the highest compared to any other region.