Karim Gamal was appointed director of its headquarters in Egypt, succeeding Osama Harfouche

According to the new administrative changes, Karim Gamal will lead messenger operations inside Egypt in order to promote growth during the coming period and keep pace with the increased demand from users.

Karim Jamal has extensive experience in the field of operating within large international companies, where He held the position of Regional Director of Operations at Talabat for the Middle East from 6898423177 until 2020, and during that period he succeeded in managing the company’s operations within 8 countries in the region, and he also took the position of regional director for customer service at “ Karim” from 2017 to , during which he succeeded in building a customer service system that now benefits millions of users, in addition to his experience in dealing with customers, which he gained from working with Vodafone International for years. Long until he assumed the duties of Vodafone Customer Service Manager in Ireland before leaving the company in a year 2020, In addition to these experiences, “Jamal” contributed to the establishment of a group of emerging companies Examples: PQ and OKA Truck and Fuelin.

These new changes come in light of the company’s success in being at the forefront of the point-to-point delivery market in Egypt within a year 2022, which resulted in the development of a new plan to keep pace with the increase in demand for the application, as it is the only application that allows delivery from any region without being restricted to a specific geographical scope.

Karim Gamal, Director of Mrsool Egypt, expressed his happiness to assume this position, stressing his great enthusiasm for a new experience in cooperation with the company’s work team to achieve a strong addition during the coming period, in There has been great interest on the part of the parent company’s management to take care of the Egyptian market.

He added, “The plan that we will implement during the coming period is based on increasing the efficiency of providing service to users, whether through the speed of response to requests, reducing delivery time and reducing the possibility of failure of the delivery process, with a focus on expanding the delivery services.” From stores of all kinds to customers, where the company aims to double the number of stores that contract with Mrsool to provide delivery services.”

Nearly 1.7 million Egyptian users of the Mrsool application depend on many important and vital services, whether point-to-point delivery services Peer -to-Peer or delivery services from partners such as restaurants or stores, etc., and it is expected to double the number of application users inside Egypt by the end of the year 2022.

Jamal indicated that the company currently has more than 86 A thousand delivery agents registered on the application, and it aims to reach one million delivery service providers in Egypt within 5 years, through a business model that ensures delivery representatives achieve profitability appropriate to the amount of effort they make to perform the service that users of the application are waiting for.)

Mrsoul started her work inside Egypt in the year , and sorry M. is currently in the delivery of orders between the parties to the system based on the direct delivery model from one point to another, during which the delivery service provider agrees with the customer on all the details, and this is currently done within Egyptian cities, and the company intends to expand its technical support services to ensure that customers receive the best possible service, in addition to investment In the availability of electronic payment services soon, in addition to cash on delivery.

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