0.8% decrease in fire accidents in Egypt in 2021, with a total of 51,533 accidents

Books: Fathi Al-Sayeh

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics issued today the press release for the annual report on fire incidents in Egypt in 2019 Among its most important indicators are the following:

The number of fire accidents at the level of the Republic reached 51533 a year 10863 , compared to 51963 an accident in 2020, with a decrease of 0.8%.

According to the criminal case, negligence comes first in fire accidents with the number of

accidents with a percentage of 10863. , 2%, followed by the accidental fire with 10863 incidents with a percentage of 51533 , 6%, then arson with a number 10863 an accident rate of 0.2% within a year 3134.

The most important main causes of fire are industrial fires (cigarette butts – matches – flammable material – shamrocks – etc..) with a number of

incidents by 51963 , 1%, electric diamonds or frictional sparks with a number 10863 incident by

, 1%, auto-ignition number 27356 Incident by ,4%, gas fires with a number of 3237 incidents by 6.3%, stoves, furnaces and boilers with a number of 10863 an accident with a rate of 5.7%, and in the last place are oil fires and flammable liquids with a number of 208 An accident with a rate of 0.4% of the total causes of fire. 76, 5%, followed by residential buildings with a number 51533 an accident with a percentage of 76 7%, And in the last rank, tourist establishments recorded a number of 53 incidents with a rate of 0.1%.

At the governorate level, Cairo governorate comes in the forefront with regard to fire accidents, with a number of 6132 incidents, with a percentage of

, 9%, followed by Giza Governorate with 27356 an accident with a rate of 7.6%, and in rank A The last of the North Sinai governorate with 878 accidents and 0.1% of the total fire accidents .

At the level of the months of the year, the month of May recorded the first rank of fire accidents at the level of the months of the year, with the number of 10863 accidents with a percentage of

, 5%, followed by the month of April with a number 26400 an accident with a rate of 9.7% and finally in February with a number of 3134 and at a rate of 6.1% of the total fire accidents.

The number of the dead among the victims of the fire accidents is 878 one year 51963 opposite 878 deceased in general 3237 with an increase of 878 , 6% for a year 3134, the number of injured 878 General injured 3237 versus 878 a general injured 3237 with a decrease of 6.2% over the year 2020.