“Development of the new Egyptian countryside” contracts with “Madkour Group” ..

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Major General Engineer Amr Abdel Wahab, President of The Board of Directors and Managing Director of the New Egyptian Rural Development Company, signed an agreement with Dr. Mostafa Madkour, Chairman and Managing Director of “Madkour Group for Engineering Projects”, aimed at joint cooperation between the two parties in the field of extending and implementing electricity networks in the lands owned by the “New Egyptian Rural Development Company” “In the West West Minya region, as part of the company’s plan to link the state’s main electricity network with the lands of the beneficiaries of the 1.5 million feddan project.

According to the contract, the tasks of implementing the first phase of the works of extending medium voltage electricity networks for the lands of the “new Egyptian countryside” in the western West Minya region are assigned to “Madkour Group”, after winning the tender recently proposed by the “Rural Development Company” The New Egyptian” in order to introduce electricity to the lands of the El-Malyo project n and a half million feddans in Minya according to the latest and fastest possible mechanisms and technologies, and at the best price value, in a manner that serves the national project and comes in the interest of its beneficiaries. In this context, Major General Amr Abdel Wahab confirmed during the signing ceremony that this new contract carried out by the “New Egyptian Rural Development Company” in order to bring electricity to the project and connect it from the national grid to the lands of the “new Egyptian countryside”, aims to Achieving the benefit of the beneficiaries, and the integration and optimal utilization of the expertise that the two companies enjoy in developing development projects and laying the necessary infrastructure to provide electricity and energy for the lands of the national project for the reclamation and development of one and a half million acres. Major General Amr Abdel Wahab explained that the “New Egyptian Rural Development” company, in coordination with the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, is working on linking the national electricity network with the project lands, in a way that ensures the extension of the state’s electricity until it reaches a head of land. The new Egyptian countryside” in the “Minya Plain” area (which includes the areas west of West Minya and the extension of West Minya), provided that the “Egyptian Rural Development Company” bears The New Irrigation “The tasks and cost of extending and implementing the internal network works, within the control of the project lands.. which is what the “New Egyptian Rural” has already begun to implement in the form of stages, the “Madkour Group” – according to this contract – is implementing the first phase of it on an area of ​​285,000 acres. , while preparations are underway to implement the rest of the phases successively, in coordination with a number of experts and consulting offices, towards the speedy completion and implementation of all internal networks for the project lands. Major General Amr Abdel Wahab also made it clear that this agreement comes within the framework of implementing the political leadership’s directives on the need to strengthen constructive cooperation between the various institutions and entities in the country, and to exploit national manufacturing expertise and capabilities in order to implement major development projects in the country in accordance with Egypt’s 2030 vision.. The New Rural Development Company believes and adheres to the positive approach approved by the state and is currently operating, which seeks more partnerships and attract the private sector towards moving forward in breaking into the public work and its participation in all sectors of the state in the battle of construction and development led successfully by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi famous, praises It addresses everyone regionally and globally, and draws one of the most important features and pillars of the “new republic.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Egyptian countryside indicated Al-Jadeed pointed out that what the project aims at at the present time is to establish successful cooperation and productive and development partnerships with major national companies, based on a clear scientific thought and vision, stressing that the company aims primarily at sustainable development based on cultivation and reclamation works, which would create and make available More decent work opportunities for the people of the country, and the benefit and service of all beneficiaries of the project, especially the beneficiaries of the category of small farmers and youth.