itida launches the first metaverse hackathon in Egypt's digital innovation centers and digital manufacturing laboratories in 10 governorates

A. Hussain

The Center for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TECH) was launched by the Development of the Information Technology Industry “ITIDA” is the first hackathon for Metaverse under the slogan ibTIECar Metaverse @CREATIVA, at the Digital Egypt Creativity Centers and the digital manufacturing laboratories of the Egypt Makes Electronics Initiative (EME).

The “Metaverse” hackathon aims to inspire and encourage Egyptian youth in various governorates to cooperate and innovative thinking in metaverse applications and harness technologies to find solutions with high potential and effective in communication and remote work, and also contribute to accelerating Supporting digital transformation processes.

The hackathon organizes a series of competitions and interactive activities, which are implemented in a hybrid system between virtual events On the Internet and interactive activities in 638 different governorates in the CREATIVA Digital Egypt Creativity Centers located Within 7 public universities (Mansoura – Menoufia – Minya – Sohag – Qena – Aswan – Suez Canal in Ismailia), as well as in EME Innovation Labs digital manufacturing laboratories in 3 governorates, namely Cairo, Alexandria and Assiut. The hackathon comes within the framework of the Authority’s efforts to encourage creativity and promote a culture of innovation, which motivates future generations to develop solutions and present innovative ideas as well as enhance the role of Egyptian universities in the field of innovation and innovation-based entrepreneurship Through which ideas are discovered and innovative young talents are found and helped to grow.

The authority has allocated prizes totaling up to 750 1,000 pounds, distributed equally to 3 winning teams in each aforementioned geographic location, in addition to opportunities to join acceleration programs and business incubators and obtain the advisory, marketing and business development services they provide. The Authority and its affiliated destinations.

The competition aims to promote the use of various technologies that contribute to building and developing metaviruses in a way that supports the construction of many applications and solutions B Directly (GameFi – SocialFi-NFT) or indirectly (DAO/DAC -GPT) and other technologies including: Extended Reality (XR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Animation 3D models and virtual beings/humans; computer (vision) visuals, non-replaceable symbols (NFTs) and natural language processing (NLP); Wearable virtual reality sensory devices; Machine-Human Interaction: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning February

to mid-June

, equipped workplaces for all participating teams to conduct meetings, communicate, hold workshops, mentoring, mentoring, project presentations, product launches, as well as other collaborative activities in all the aforementioned governorates. ) The hackathon also gives the winners priority to join the programs of the Center for Creativity and Entrepreneurship and to provide support in their journey to transform their ideas into start-up companies that can compete and impose themselves in different markets and fields. Teams are evaluated according to the degree of innovation and novelty of the idea, the beneficiary groups, the size of the target/expected market and potential profitability (Market Potential), the expected impact at the local, national, and global level (Impact), the work team and its technical and managerial ability (Team ability), The extent of maturity and development reached by the prototype (Maturity Level).

The marathon targets innovative faculty members and researchers in faculties with The connection with ICTs, student innovators, graduates and entrepreneurs in the ICT fields.