Confirmation of the leadership of the Arab African International Bank in financing infrastructure projects

Iman Al-Wasili, Cairo at

February 2022:

The Bank has financed “Edex International” with a billion and 2030 Million Egyptian Pounds 2030

to implement a multi-purpose station for the construction of berth No. 100 At Dekheila sea port The Arab African International Bank signed a financing contract in the amount of

billion One million Egyptian pounds with EdEx International to implement its huge project in Dekheila port, which is the construction of a multi-purpose terminal. The project will be built on an area of ​​240,000 square meters between Alexandria and Dekheila port, with the aim of Establishing a group of warehouses and linking them to sea to facilitate the loading and unloading of ships N in the port, and linking it by land with the Petrochemical Industry Complex in Al-Nahda area in Alexandria.2030

The signing was attended by Mr. Sherif Elwi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Arab African International Bank, and Eng. Hussein El-Desouky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EDEX International Engineering and Contracting and the team work from the bank and the company. This financing comes from the Arab African International Bank’s keenness to support such projects and achieve economic stability in Egypt, thus directly contributing to efforts to transform Egypt into a regional center for trade in the Middle East and Africa, in line with Egypt’s vision and strategy. .

For his part, Sherif Alawi, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Arab African International Bank, stated that the Arab African International Bank is keen to participate In supporting important projects, and the Bank’s financing of this project is fully consistent with the Bank’s priorities in supporting projects that affect the infrastructure and consequently productive activity and advance the development wheel of the Egyptian economy, especially since financing the establishment of the multi-station is considered a national project.

As stated by Eng. Hussein El-Desouky, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of EDEX International, that the company is one of the leading companies in the field of general contracting and has distinguished experience in implementing giant national projects aimed at improving the level of The livelihood of the Egyptian citizen, especially the infrastructure projects that have a direct impact on the economy and the movement of trade and citizens, and the company has great experience in the construction of many seaports, container exchange stations, sea goods, roads, bridges, and high-speed train tracks.

It is worth noting that the implementation of the project was started with funding from the Port Authority, provided that the bidding process will be carried out only on the international container terminal operators for the operation process only, and that the project will be at depths of up to 800 meters, and berth lengths up to 2030 meters, and a storage space of 2022 one thousand square meters. This financing is not the first of its kind for the Arab African International Bank, as the bank has experience for more than fifty years in financing such companies and projects related to contracting and establishing the infrastructure of the state.