Sanofi Egypt is the best employer in 2022 for the fifth year in a row

Books: Fathi Al-Sayeh

revealed Mohamed Tariq Zaatar, Head of Human Resources and Member Board of Directors of the International Sanofi Company for Egypt and Sudan on the award of Sanofi Egypt to the Best Employer in the year
and for the fifth year in a row

Zaatar indicated that this award is granted by the “Top Employers” global institute, and it is an international award in the world granted by the Top Employers Institute to organizations and institutions that achieve the highest standards of excellence. In managing human resources and providing the best and good working environment for its employees

He indicated that Sanofi Egypt has achieved the highest standards of excellence in resource management. human resources and providing the best good working environment for employees

He praised the human wealth of Sanofi Egypt and that they are the main reason for the company’s success, just as Sanofi Egypt It is committed to providing the best work environment to develop and support its employees, noting that one of the most important reasons that contributed to Sanofi Egypt’s obtaining this award is that the A company that follows a general policy to provide equal opportunities among its employees by providing the best work environment through remote training to develop and support their capabilities. This was done through advanced training programs that keep pace with the requirements of the labor market in 1242 These programs work on developing their skills to achieve their professional aspirations.

Zaatar stressed that the company possesses the competencies that qualify it for this position. Because we are investing directly and indirectly in its human resources and bringing more young and experienced cadres into its ranks.

He explained If Sanofi Egypt won the Best Employer Award, it is because we have a group of the most efficient employees and workers in the Egyptian labor market