In the presence of the Minister of Industry and Trade … Eng. Fathallah Fawzy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Lebanese Association for Businessmen

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We are in a very difficult time for the whole world In light of what we are witnessing of developments of events around us, especially the Russian-Ukrainian war, which undoubtedly casts a shadow economically on most of the countries of the world, the Arab region, and of course Egypt. I am also pleased to welcome His Excellency Ambassador Ali Al-Halabi, Ambassador of the Lebanese Republic in Cairo and Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States

(We are in exceptional circumstances that require more cooperation and integration between the private sector and the state to overcome challenges through An objective vision that includes non-traditional mechanisms to stimulate investment, especially in productive projects, which can achieve sufficiency and replace the Egyptian product with imports, and of course the possibility of export

The growth and development equation requires very clearly defining the role of the state in creating a business climate and increasing the competitiveness of the Egyptian product internally And externally, as well as the necessity of continuing initiatives related to the banking system, providing financing, facilitating procedures, simplifying transactions, and encouraging the private sector in various fields to continue. What we are witnessing today of regional and international challenges, despite its difficulty and negative effects, may at the same time be a great opportunity to launch on the condition of unifying the vision and dealing quickly to avoid the economic risks resulting from these crises.
Today we are talking about industry and export as the most important tools and pillars of economic and societal development

We believe in the importance of what the Ministry of Industry and Trade is doing in this file, and we follow the important steps taken by the Ministry, especially in the file of export support

and work to increase the number of industrial complexes

and other measures, but we, as a business community, are looking forward to more and taking into account the emergency circumstances that imposed themselves today. Do you know how to overcome this difficult period?

Engineer Fathallah directed the Minister

Many messages from my fellow industrialists in the association, we hope that they will be studied

, which are demands of a large number of companies operating in the industry

• We hope the fastest work on activating the local product preference law

• Work on The investment map of the specialized industrial zones and the governorates and their promotion

• Granting incentives through a subsidized interest rate for factories to build and buy Equipment as it was applied through the Industrial Development Bank in the past

• Upgrading laboratories and laboratories to help improve quality Egyptian Products and Achieving Export Targets

• Implementing incentives to attract the informal sectors and include them in the formal sector