Salted foods are among the causes of cancer and the preventive benefits of bee honey

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

A clearer paper issued by the World Cancer Research Fund on “strong evidence” on Foods preserved with salt are one of the most important causes of stomach cancer . The research said that foods rich in salt lead to a rapid development of cancer in the body. . This research came from the World Cancer Research Fund’s Continuous Update Project which is the world’s largest, most reliable and up-to-date source of scientific research on cancer prevention and survival through diet, nutrition and physical activity .

The Health Organization for the Prevention of Cancer also found “strong evidence” of Some foods rich in salt are a “cause” of stomach cancer. The foods defined as “high in salt” are those foods that are preserved in salt such as cured meats, salted fish, and vegetables preserved in salt . Research showed The World Cancer Research Fund reports that the more people who eat these salty foods, the greater their chance of developing stomach cancer .

. Evidence for these foods comes mainly from studies conducted in Asia, especially Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia . This is because many traditional foods in these countries are preserved by salting and fermentation, rather than refrigeration as is the case in many countries in Western countries .

World Cancer Research Fund Scientists believe that the increased risk of stomach cancer from foods preserved with salt is because they contain a large amount of salt, which is soaked in foods during the preservation process. Experimental research has shown that salt damages the lining of the stomach and causes microbial lesions that, if left to develop, can become stomach cancer. More importantly, says the World Cancer Research Fund, infection with Helicobacter pylori also damages the lining of the stomach, and is made worse in the presence of salt .

In contrast, the US Food and Drug Administration has clarified that there are multiple benefits in consuming bee honey to treat chronic diseases, the most important of which is diabetes. Where many people around the world use bee honey for sweetening instead of refined white sugar or brown sugar, because bee honey has multiple health benefits, especially the benefits of honey for diabetes, and it protects against diabetes

The US Food and Drug Administration has clarified that bee honey does not affect blood sugar levels. Where honey contains natural sugar and healthy carbohydrates, so it does not significantly affect blood sugar levels, and its effect is less than using regular table sugar, so it is suitable for diabetics and may help reduce their blood sugar levels. Where many studies have indicated that honey has many benefits for people with type 1 diabetes , including the following:

= Honey helps to increase the level of insulin, and also helps in controlling blood sugar.

= Honey is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it useful for diabetics.

= Eating a diet rich in antioxidants helps improve the body’s metabolism of sugar.

= The anti-inflammatory properties of honey help reduce the risk of diabetes complications and reduce insulin resistance.

And as the US Food and Drug Administration has clarified, there are benefits to bee honey to combat type 2 diabetes. Although bee honey is considered a natural sweetener, it does not affect blood glucose levels significantly, and is considered suitable for patients with type 2 diabetes, and some of its benefits for them include the following :

= prevent weight loss: It is considered a natural source of energy and lowers the risk of infection Complications of type 2 diabetes.

= Improves blood sugar control : in the blood beside medicines.

= Increases the level of insulin in the blood : and reduces the risk of high blood sugar level;

= Effective in the treatment of wounds and ulcers : in people with disease diabetes mellitus;

= Effective in eliminating germs

: as well as fungi and microbes .

Some researchers have done a study on 50 a person suffering from type 1 diabetes, and 30 a person with type 2 diabetes, and they found that honey has a lower effect on blood sugar, compared to regular refined white sugar. Although some trials support that honey increases insulin levels, and helps to balance and control blood sugar, there is no definitive, conclusive and concrete evidence to support the possibility of using honey as a preventive agent against diabetes.

The US Food and Drug Administration has clarified that eating too much eating honey has some damage to diabetic patients . Where you should pay attention to the need not to exceed the consumption of bee honey in the case of diabetes without taking into account the following:

= honey is the best of sugar, but you only need a little more; Because honey can slightly affect the blood sugar level, honey should be eaten in moderation.

= If your sugar level is within the normal range. If you want to add honey to your diet, it is better to choose pure, organic or raw natural honey; Because these types are considered safer for diabetics.

= You should beware of consuming any additional sweeteners during diabetes after consuming bee honey, even Do not develop any other health complications .