Raya Information Technology participates in its latest contributions and achievements at the (Cairo ICT) exhibition

Aya Hussein

Hisham Abdel Rasoul: “The year 2022 was full of partnerships, fruitful projects, and international and regional awards, and our revenues recorded 2.6 billion Egyptian pounds, even during the first nine months of the year.”

(Cairo – November 2022)

Raya Information Technology, a subsidiary of Raya Holding for Financial Investments, announced its participation in the twenty-sixth session of the exhibition And the International Conference on Technology for the Middle East and Africa (Cairo ICT) held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center during the period from to 30 This November, under the slogan of Leading Change.

Raya Information Technology is showcasing its latest technologies and solutions; Especially in the areas of ATM solutions, self-services, data centers, enterprise network infrastructure solutions, robotic process automation (RPA) solutions, communication solutions, multimedia solutions, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity applications targeting different sectors – which are One of the most important areas of Raya’s IT business – in addition to project management solutions and services, and the development of Oracle applications and creating new solutions based on them. Remarkable success in terms of partnerships and solutions innovation; Especially technical solutions directed to hospitality establishments of all kinds, and its latest efforts in the field of promising Metaverse and its applications in the field of banking transactions and securing virtual business environments.

Hisham Abdel Rasoul, CEO of Raya Information Technology Company, expressed his enthusiasm to share banner at exhibition; Especially while the exhibition pays special attention to accelerating the pace of economic development and improving the work environment in various sectors, which is at the core of Raya’s strategy for information technology and is an engine for its contributions in various fields. He said: “We are proud of our participation in the event, which will witness the participation of more than 500 exhibitors and 200 keynote speakers in the field of information technology locally, regionally and internationally. More than 120 a thousand visitors, and by being an active and essential part of this edifice year after year.”

He added: “We are pleased to present our latest achievements year after year 2022, and our contributions aimed at accelerating the pace of digital transformation by introducing and developing applications, services, and solutions provided to institutions from various sectors and fields, locally and globally, in cooperation with a busy list that includes more than 80 is a leading global company in the field of information technology. The year 2022 was full of achievements on many levels; Raya Information Technology recorded revenues of 2.6 billion Egyptian pounds during the first nine months of 2022, an annual increase of 25% compared to the same year. The period from last year.”

He continued: “While the banking and telecommunications sectors come at the forefront of our business and we occupy a leading position in them locally, regionally, and globally for more than a decade, our contributions do not stop in general, which we review during the exhibition Cairo ICT at this point; The year 2022 witnessed tangible efforts from Raya Information Technology during its work on developing and implementing pioneering technology projects that serve many sectors.

He added: “Among our pioneering projects for the year; Supplying 1500 an automated teller machine for one of the major government institutions – in partnership with the international Diebold Nixdorf company – with the aim of activating the deposit service for the first time. The volume of deposits in the second month of activating the service 80 exceeded one million pounds within one month. The project has contributed significantly to reducing pressure on the authority’s branches and providing better and faster service to customers. We also designed and implemented many major projects based on Cisco global solutions in the field of unified communications systems Collaboration, including the WebEx Cloud Calling and Call Center project at the African Export-Import Bank AFREXIM, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa. In addition to the project to integrate the customer service and communication systems at the First Abu Dhabi Bank, FAB Bank, we also developed the unified communications system in one of the major government partner banks to increase its capacity, the Mega Unified Communication Cluster – which is the first and only project of its kind in Egypt. He continued: “In addition, Raya Information Technology implemented one of the most important Egyptian electronic systems; It is the electronic documentation system of the Egyptian Ministry of Justice under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications. The project included the activation of many technical systems, and was a milestone on the way to achieving a critical strategic goal represented in enhancing geographical spread through more than 450 offices, in addition to the introduction of many innovative services. The project helps to improve the performance of the system as a whole and to serve a larger number of citizens through the completion of about 40 thousand daily transactions, which reflected positively on the level of satisfaction of the Egyptian citizen.”

Abdul Rasool added: “2022 was a year full of global and regional awards won by Raya Information Technology, which crowned our giant efforts in various fields of information technology over the years, and reflects the confidence of our global and regional partners and our leadership in the field of information technology , including three awards from Diebold Nixdorf International Banking Corporation; It is The Best Global Performing Partner of the Year, Absolute Best Performance in MEA, and Best Strategic Deal in the Middle East. Best Strategic Deal in MEA), as well as the award for the best partner in the field of digital transformation in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region from Cisco, the global leader in information technology and networks (Transformation Partner of the Year for EMEA Region), and the Excellence Award (Excellence in transformation Award). ) from Dell Technologies, and the award for Best Partner in Africa during the year from Paol Alto, the global leader in the field of cybersecurity (Partner of the Year for Africa Region), and the Best Partners of the Year award from Trend Micro, and the Innovation Award from F5 International ( Innovation Partner of the Year), just to name a few.”