The Minister of Agriculture inaugurates the latest production lines for poultry vaccines at the Institute of Serology and Veterinary Vaccines

Books: Fathy Al-Sayeh

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, accompanied by Eng. Mustafa Al-Sayyad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock, Fish and Poultry Resources, and Dr. Muhammad Suleiman, Head of the Agricultural Research Center, inaugurated the latest lines for the production of veterinary vaccines for poultry at the Institute Veterinary Serums and Vaccines

Al-Qusair said that this comes in implementation of the directives of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic With the development of poultry wealth and in the context of interest in applied research and the achievements made in the strategic and important poultry sector, we are today inaugurating the latest production lines for veterinary vaccines in order to provide them to poultry with technology, local industry and Egyptian hands

He added that the Ministry of Agriculture, represented by the Institute of Veterinary Serums and Vaccines, has taken upon itself the development of a laboratory for the production of vaccines for poultry to increase the production capacity of them, with the aim of preserving poultry wealth in the country. In Egypt and its development due to its importance as a source of general national income as well as a source of income for farmers and educators working in the field of agricultural production as well as achieving food security, as the products of the poultry production sector represent an important source of food sources, especially protein, which cannot be dispensed with in addition to reducing the import gap Increasing the volume of production, providing job opportunities for young researchers and technical cadres, and training them on the latest production methods. Al-Qusair praised the efforts of the employees of the Institute of Veterinary Serums and Vaccines, thanked them and demanded that they do more to increase Egypt’s productivity of vaccines to keep pace with the great development in poultry projects. He said that the new line contributes to increasing the production capacity from 300 one million doses to 1.5 billion doses annually, to reduce the import gap. It also supports cooperation with African countries as an important path given their need for veterinary vaccines For his part, Dr. Muhammad Suleiman, head of the Agricultural Research Center, confirmed that within the framework of the directives of the Minister of Agriculture, Dr Cultivating interest in applied research that serves the community. Today, we are inaugurating the new production line of the Institute of Serums and Vaccines, which contributes to increasing the production capacity of veterinary vaccines. It also helps the state in its efforts to reduce and control the spread of epidemic diseases and protect poultry wealth. It also aims to produce small doses to help small breeders and provide vaccines. At economic prices and following up on the epidemiological situation for any change in the vaccine strains in order to speed up the production of vaccines to address the new epidemic and also to increase the country’s national income and provide foreign currencies

While Dr. Mohamed Saad, Director of the Institute of Veterinary Serums and Vaccines
The Institute’s achievements as the oldest specialized national institute in the Middle East and Africa, which produces a number of 1024 vaccines, including a number 682) Poultry Vaccines and Number (300 ) Farm animal vaccines to protect livestock and poultry The Institute has also obtained international accreditation certificates
The institute is working on developing vaccines as It continues according to the epidemiological situation and the development of pathogens, and it has produced a number of new vaccines during the past three years.

Saad added that the Institute of Veterinary Serology and Vaccines of the Ministry of Agriculture is currently producing the first Egyptian human inhibitor vaccine against Corona Virus (Covid) 43) in cooperation with the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Eva Pharma Company, and a procedure is underway Clinical trials on the vaccine after obtaining the approval of the Egyptian Medicines Authority.