A session at the CairoICT exhibition discusses: How do satellites volunteer the nature of the Earth for the sake of man?

Aya Hussain

The participants reviewed the session “The Impact of Earth Observation and Satellite Imaging » – Held during the CairoICT International Exhibition and Conference on Technology for the Middle East and Africa – The role of satellite and communications technology in overcoming the challenge of climate change and its impact on exploring the effects on environmental protection.

The participants discussed the best experiences in this regard to simulate them in an attempt to avoid their dangers and negative repercussions.

Dr. Hisham Al-Askari – Professor of Earth Systems and Remote Sensing and Vice President of the Egyptian Space Agency – confirmed that satellites can help governments achieve sustainable development goals, noting that they reduce the gap between geographical regions through the implementation of projects It can also be relied upon when natural accidents and distress situations occur through various communication services.
800 Al-Askari explained That climate summit held Egypt, in Sharm El-Sheikh, recently focused on the importance of benefiting from satellites in facing environmental hazards by operating and providing modern services such as smart applications and monitoring changes in remote areas.

Dr. Ahmed Abdo Nasr – Head of the Content Unit at QSIT Company – revealed that satellite technology allows large amounts of big data to identify various climate activities, which supports the unification of government efforts with the sector.
800 He stressed that the availability of such data contributes to decision-making. Promoting environmental sustainability such as operating electric cars to reduce traditional fuel exhaust, as well as relying in agriculture on smart irrigation to reduce water waste and other information technology solutions that facilitate daily life around us.
Nasr added in his speech that the role of space technologies and satellites is the most advanced in this regard, especially as it enables us to monitor any information related to environmental crises and natural disasters. Addressing climate change, indicating its role in enhancing the efficiency, capacity, and safety of a variety of ground services and users, including the air, maritime, energy, government, communications, and irrigation sectors.

Omar Khorshid – Vice President of Global Sales at Wild Company – said that his company succeeded in saving 50% of the water used in agricultural work, as well as increasing productivity by 25% through smart solutions, stressing that the feature The mentality of farmers is the same in all countries of the world. Positive transformation in protecting and preserving the environment from negative impacts. Fish in coastal areas leads to the death of 4 individuals as a result of wasting food wealth, and not relying on technology tools in its management, pointing to the role of satellites in tracking, monitoring and identifying activities harmful to the environment, such as illegal logging, hunting, fires and mining, pointing out that monitoring these incidents closely can take a reward Decisive measures to stop it.
800 He stressed that the absence of these modern systems and technologies hinders countries from combating the problems of climate change. and processing it efficiently.
800 warned Rami Hazmi – Sales Director for the Middle East, North Africa, Africa and Russia at Maxar Technologies – From the frequent exposure of satellites to malfunctions or technical problems so as not to affect the nature and accuracy of performing their tasks.
800 He explained that his company allocates an integrated team to work on high efficiency for technical support and maintenance operations, and to conduct check-ups and insurance against breakdowns and information attacks on an ongoing basis, to ensure compliance with safety and accuracy elements.

He noted that the company provides specialized training programs for its employees in a way that aims to raise their efficiency and refine their skills with modern scientific tools.
800 The session was held within the activities of the twenty-sixth session of the International Technology Exhibition and Conference in the Middle East and Africa, Cairo ICT, which continues until 30 This November, inside the Egyptian International Exhibition Center
800 It is worth noting that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the guest of honor of the current session of the exhibition and conference Cairo ICT 800, which was launched under the slogan Leading Change, and focuses on the tremendous development witnessed by the technology sector in Egypt and the region over a quarter of a century.

800 The event includes the participation of more than 31 speakers It will be accompanied by several specialized technology exhibitions and conferences, namely PAFIX, DSS, SATCOM, INSURETECH, ManuTech, Startup Africa, and Connecta.