An Egyptian doctor from a pharmacist in the Emirates to a pediatrician in New York

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Dr. Ahmed Hussein reveals, who had started his career in pharmacy in the UAE, and why St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada was the perfect choice to help him in Reaching his dream of practicing medicine in the United States.

Dr. Ahmed Hussain started his career in the field of pharmacy, but soon realized that he wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of patients, so he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor in the United States.

According to his expression, Dr. Ahmed says that we can all help patients when they are in critical conditions, but being in the front lines, diagnosing and treating patients, was The main motive behind his pursuit of a career in medicine.

He talks about the main challenge he faced when he started his journey in searching for the right medical school for him: “I did not have comprehensive information about the health care system in the United States, by virtue of I come from the Middle East, and I noticed that he is completely different from his counterparts In Egypt and the Emirates, in which I worked for several years.”

He adds, “In order to be able to integrate into this health system, I started looking for a medical school that could help me in this regard, and I found through my research that many graduates of St. George’s University They have the qualifications that entitle them to work in American hospitals.”

Dr. Ahmed explains that after a lot of research and investigation, he started the process of applying to the Faculty of Medicine at St. George University, and describes it as smooth and easy.

Indicates that the group on the acceptance process At the university, they were fully prepared to provide full details and discuss all procedures, in addition to answering all his inquiries and providing him with the necessary information.
Dr. Ahmed describes his feelings upon admission to the Faculty of Medicine at St. George University, saying: “When you receive Upon the news of my acceptance, I felt that I was about to embark on a new journey that required hard work to be able to from achieving my goal, which is to be a doctor in the United States.”

“As soon as I joined St. George’s, I was impressed by the range of additional electives in St. George’s Medical School curriculum, such as anatomy and wild medicine, and I also discovered that St. St. George’s provides full support for students in their preparation to take the USMLE (

)), as the subjects we studied and took tests during the primary school years were very detailed”

He added, I received full support to ensure my success in the standardized tests, including the help of the Educational Services Department team, who helped me prepare study schedules and explain them to the materials Which I did not understand well and other things.

In addition to the diverse academic curriculum and sha Mill, Ahmed Hussein talks about his enjoyment of university life at St. George’s University, and he says: (“Exercising in the new gym on campus and playing in the soccer league were my favorite activities, and the view of the magical sunset is unforgettable.”

Dr. Ahmed participated in the first practical training course him at the Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York after completing the study of basic subjects during the first years at St. George’s University School of Medicine.

He said, “I had a wonderful experience participating in practical training courses in different departments, and the memories of those courses will always remain in my memory because I met love My life, which later became my wife.”

After completing the practical training courses, Ahmed recounts his journey in the process of obtaining an employment opportunity in the United States it was stressful, graduating students applying to start a neighborhood A professional in medicine is charged, so that their file is matched with one of the partner hospitals of St. George’s University School of Medicine in the event that a vacancy is available in one of them.
He explained, “I tried to prepare as much as possible mentally by benefiting from the experiences and consultations of recent graduates. The Office of Career Guidance and Support also helped me.” Students at St. George’s University are very into this subject.”

Dr. Ahmed offers his advice in this regard to graduate students by developing a specific plan for the process of applying for a vacancy and conducting interviews on the specified day by saying: “I had great help from the university before applying For a vacancy while I was still in Grenada, the Career Guidance Office of St. George’s University provided me with the necessary steps for the process of filling out the application and submitting my CV.

He went on, and they reviewed the application and advised me before the application date. Besides, the mentors were giving their advice based on my score in the Step 1 examination, my performance in the internships, and the major I was applying for.”
Dr. Ahmed describes his feelings when he learned that he was accepted into the specialty of pediatrics, which he always dreamed of studying. I couldn’t believe it, I was checking into the program on the National Practical Training Matching Program website every 5 minutes.

However, Dr. Ahmed believes that the process of transition and transformation from a student Medicine to Doctor is an ongoing process: “One of the most important things I learned during medical school is that you will never feel completely ready to take an exam or meet a patient during practical training sessions, and all you have to do to realize that feeling is identify the aspects that you need to develop and address Before your next test or meeting with another patient.

He continued, in this way, I was able to pass my first stage of practical training. Studying medicine is a long-term journey of learning, and it begins with knowing your deficiencies, evaluating your performance continuously, and listening to the advice of your supervisors.
Dr. Ahmed recommends students from the Middle East and North Africa who wish to practice medicine in the United States to choose a college St. George’s University of Medicine, Grenada.

“Grenada is a wonderful island that accepts students from all over the world and fortunately for us, the Egyptians, it does not require applying for a visa. In addition, from my experience, St. George’s University succeeded in finding me a vacancy in a hospital in the United States, which was my goal