Health and agriculture are two fields in which Egypt has followed the global pace of innovation localization

Aya Hussain

Hassan Sukkari, CEO of eHealth, said innovation It is the basis for the development of any industry, especially industries that directly affect the individual, such as the health sector and the agricultural sector.
800 He added During a session that discussed the urgent global need for innovation in both fields, this requires the need to intensify efforts to support the innovation environment in Egypt.

He stressed in the session held within the cybersecurity sessions on the sidelines of the activities of the International Exhibition and Conference on Technology for the Middle East and Africa Cairo ICT 600 – the importance of adapting technology in the health and agricultural sector, noting To the added value that it provides, such as monitoring crops via satellite, and the use of Internet of Things technologies in the health field, which leads to reducing the time and cost spent to obtain a specific product or service.
800 He added that Egypt has many models whose experiences can be used, Also, the acquisition of large companies and their embrace of innovative ideas and startups works to support these ideas in general. 800 800 Hussein Al-Mahmoudi – CEO of the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park – explained that the localization of technology is very important for any sector, especially the medical and agricultural sectors, which requires the government to pay attention to universities and research centers through initiatives to accelerate the pace of localization of technology, in addition to providing laws that regulate this industry. 800 He pointed out that Egypt is on the right path because it possesses the ingredients and the qualified human element to make a breakthrough in the field of entrepreneurship. and innovation in general.

Hassan Badawy – Digital Solutions Consultant at the German GIZ organization confirmed that the organization operates in the Egyptian market in line with The Egyptian government plans to help it implement Egypt’s strategy towards digital transformation 2030, and it is also implementing many projects in the field of agricultural technology.

He mentioned that the organization graduated 20 startups from its program in the field of technology agricultural, as well as an innovation program in partnership with Flat6 Lab that provides support to everyone who has an innovative idea that relies on technology in solving problems facing the agricultural sector.
800 Roaa Ahmed – Head of Strategy at Shifa Company – explained that the existence of challenges means the availability of opportunities.

Regarding the innovation environment in Egypt, she confirmed that the country is on the right path, and there are efforts made by the Egyptian state, community organizations and the private sector to meet the challenges, but the road is still long and needs more efforts and support for innovative ideas.

800 She pointed out that the work environment in the medical sector is very strong, which makes the sector move at a somewhat heavy pace.
800 Jane Hanna – Director of Business Incubators at the Entrepreneurship Center at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology – said that the current generations are fortunate Due to the current development in terms of technology and support for entrepreneurship, it is noticeable that every university has a center for innovation and entrepreneurship, which works to encourage the innovation environment in the university. Manage the young woman.
800 She continued: We encourage and direct students to learn about recent initiatives to connect them with the latest existing technologies and how to exploit them
800 She hinted to me that the academy has a business incubator called “students” that cultivates Students have the idea of ​​an entrepreneur, and it helps them implement their graduation projects on the ground so that the graduation project is not just an assignment for students, but it must always have an incentive to be positive for society and to be a pioneer in solving problems facing this society depending on advanced technology.

800 She emphasized that entrepreneurship based on innovation is the Egyptian state’s approach to creating a creative generation capable of keeping up and competing.

800 Walid Nasr – founder and CEO of Zarei Company – emphasized that farmers are eager to use technology and the Russian-Ukrainian war prompted To the search for modern methods and technological solutions in the agricultural sector, pointing to the importance of always searching for what the customer needs and working to adapt the solutions
800 Nasr announced the company’s readiness to launch the insurance service for agricultural crops during the coming period. This is in cooperation with one of the leading companies in the insurance sector, and this service acts as a tool to facilitate the financing process for farmers, pointing out that the most important challenges facing the adaptation of technology in the agricultural sector is how to transfer this technology to farmers in a simple way to know how to benefit from it.

800 The session was held within the activities of the twenty-sixth session of the International Technology Exhibition and Conference in the Middle East and Africa, Cairo ICT, which is continuing until 30 this November, inside the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the guest of honor of the current session of the Cairo ICT Exhibition and Conference 600, which was launched under the Leading Change slogan, focusing on the tremendous development witnessed by the technology sector in Egypt and the region over a quarter of a century.
The event includes participation of more than 200 Speaker and accompanied by several specialized technology exhibitions and conferences: PAFIX, DSS, SATCOM, INSURETECH, ManuTech, Startup Africa, and Connecta, and the event is sponsored by the “Benya” group , e-Finance, Huawei, Dell Technologies, CIB, Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, and Orange Egypt.