During its participation in the activities of the “CairoICT2022” exhibition and conference, “e-Finance” signs a long-term cooperation protocol with Visa to develop digital payments in Egypt

Eman Al-Wasili

The “e-finance” group for financial and digital investments signed a cooperation protocol with Visa, the world leader in digital payments, to expand the scope of their cooperation on the development of digital payments in Egypt, and to create a solid foundation for further growth in digital transformation and financial technology. The protocol includes launching products for the first time in Egypt, as well as a set of digital initiatives and projects that would create a solid foundation for further growth in digital payments for the government and private sectors within Egypt’s vision 2030.

The cooperation protocol included advisory services on offering a number of innovative solutions, In addition to providing examples of global and regional best practices for digital government services and payment channels, and developing a roadmap for digital transformation of public services and government-related payment services, including Collecting payments and disbursing funds.

Cooperation also includes developing marketing operations, sharing knowledge and awareness-raising initiatives, and sharing data And analyzes related to important areas for the development of digital payments, such as tourism, e-commerce, and small and micro companies, as well as a group of joint projects to promote digital and financial inclusion and the exchange of the best international experiences, in addition to launching joint initiatives to enhance financial inclusion and the knowledge program that benefits from the special practical business skills program

The cooperation protocol includes participation in developing initiatives to help merchants and consumers move into a new era.

For his part, Ibrahim Sarhan, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “E” Group confirmed Finance” for financial and digital investments, that the group continues to expand and acquire more new capabilities according to the latest developments and global technologies to support digital transformation in Egypt, by injecting more investments and anticipating It has many cooperation partnerships with major local and international financial technology institutions, as the group is proud of its new partnership with Visa.

And Laila Sarhan, Regional Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Visa Business Leadership in North Africa, Levant and Pakistan, added: “Payments have a vital role in improving the standard of living and economic growth, and Visa is committed to supporting the Egyptian government’s plan for digital transformation through cooperation And exchanging experiences with major institutions of the public and private sectors.” And Laila added: “We are proud of the strategic partnership between Visa and e-finance, and we look forward to the positive effects of this partnership on achieving many digital transformation goals such as financial inclusion and providing easy-to-use, faster and safer payment solutions for Egyptians” The signing took place in the presence of Ibrahim Sarhan, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “e-Finance” Group for Financial and Digital Investments, and Laila Sarhan, Regional Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, to lead The company’s business in North Africa, Levant countries, and Pakistan, and Malak Al-Baba, General Manager of Visa in Egypt, and Omar Al-Attar, head of the business development sector for the government sector.

This came during the participation of the “e-finance” group for financial and digital investments, as a strategic partner for the Cairo International Technology Exhibition and Conference (CairoICT) 600, held during the period from 11 to 600 This November, at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo, and its participation in the second “Connecta” e-sports exhibition and the ninth “PAFIX” exhibition and conference, with the participation of And the presence of the Ministers of Finance, Higher Education, Scientific Research, Education, Supply and Internal Trade within the activities of the twenty-sixth session of the CairoICT Exhibition and Conference.