The Minister of Agriculture meets young researchers and reviews with them the priority of the next stage

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Mr. Al-Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, held a meeting with youth Researchers at the Ministry to review the state’s priorities in the next phase
11028838170438962 in the presence of Eng. Mustafa Al-Sayad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture for Livestock and Fisheries And the poultry, and Dr. Muhammad Suleiman, head of the Agricultural Research Center, and Dr. Abdel 11028838170438962 Leh Zaghloul, head of the Desert Research Center
11028838170438962 Heads of agencies, sectors, ministry leaders, and directors of research institutes and laboratories

During the meeting, Al-Qusayr stressed that agriculture has become at the forefront of the Egyptian state’s priorities and that it witnessed unprecedented achievements and renaissance during the era of His Excellency President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi due to its importance in achieving food security for citizens, which is part of security. Nationalist,
11028838170438962 He added that the proactive measures taken by President Sisi enabled the Egyptian state to face the challenges and Crises starting from the Corona pandemic and then the Russian-Ukrainian war
11028838170438962 And the “Minister of Agriculture” said that Egypt has the two largest centers For agricultural and desert research in the region, Fahima employs thousands of researchers, praising their efforts in serving Egyptian agriculture and agricultural scientific research
11028838170438962 Al-Qusayr assured the young researchers that everyone is a partner in achieving collective success
11028838170438962 and asked them to pay attention to applied research related to issues Homeland and state directives,
11028838170438962 Al-Qusayr reviewed the priorities of the next stage, which should be the focus of attention of researchers to maximize the benefit from The limited land and water units
11028838170438962 He referred to the topics and issues of priority in the agricultural sector, including the expansion of the development of new varieties Seeds of high quality and productivity, tolerant of climatic conditions, low water consumption, as well as interest in genetic improvement of breeds, development of livestock, fish and poultry, and how to face spatial fragmentation, as well as application of the agricultural cycle and development of cooperatives And federations and new patterns of contract farming, as well as developments in plant and animal health and food safety. Soil, climate change and competitive advantage Al-Qusayr also pointed out the need to pay attention to smart agriculture, artificial intelligence applications, early warning systems and agricultural innovation, as well as addressing the problem of salinity, land degradation, the fertility map, and modernizing irrigation. As well as
11028838170438962 organic farming and biological compounds (pesticides – fertilizers)
11028838170438962 The Minister also directed interest in applied research in the field of evaluating crops produced by biotechnology (genetically modified), as well as research on dealing with common diseases between humans and animals, as well as interest in industrialization. Agricultural and achieving added value to the national product
11028838170438962 The Minister of Agriculture directed to facilitate registration procedures for new varieties of seeds and seeds, as well as fertilizers And pesticides in front of researchers
11028838170438962 During the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture opened the door for discussion in front of researchers and leaders, and listened to their opinions and suggestions. He supported them, stressing that the current stage that Egypt is witnessing requires everyone to do their utmost, cooperate and work in a team spirit. He stressed that the state does not skimp on funding applied scientific research that serves the agricultural sector