Half of the institutions are below the cybersecurity poverty line

Aya Hussain

Participants in the session “Assessing the Maturity of Cybersecurity for Access” demanded To cyber resilience” by creating work rules and tools within different societies to evaluate cyber security operations, in order to reach a secure digital environment.

The session – which was held within the activities of the Cairo ICT exhibition 900 – was moderated by Representative Maha Abdel Nasser, Member of Parliament, stressing that cyber security is not an option.
900 She pointed out that Egypt has a large percentage of young people, and with the appropriate training and education for these young people, we will have the ability to protect our digital transactions in an appropriate manner.
900 During the activities of the session, Engineer Ali Sabry – Regional Sales Manager at Cisco – referred to the stoppage of one of the factories. Cars are outside Egypt because one of the clients of this platform has been hacked, and therefore the insurance process must include all dealers with the electronic system, even dealers from outside the institution, especially In light of the development of cloud computing systems. Until the penetration came from different places, which created great challenges in the areas of cybersecurity.
900 He referred to me Almost half of the institutions fall below the poverty line in the field of cybersecurity, which makes them vulnerable to penetration, and hackers have become highly developed in recent years.

Eng. Bassem Al-Banna – Regional Sales Director at Sophos – emphasized the necessity of having a work team capable of accurately analyzing any threat facing the network, pointing out that Sophos believes in the importance of flexibility in the areas of cybersecurity, and we have solutions For all elements of digital security, flexibility is one of the important elements in providing cybersecurity solutions, given the different needs of each organization and person in terms of secure digital transformation processes, which necessitates focusing in achieving this flexibility on artificial intelligence solutions.

Eng. Rania Al-Banna – Head of the Cyber ​​Security Sector at Banque du Caire – said that the Central Bank of Egypt Define standards for providing various banking services in a safe manner in light of the digital transformation, and there is a follow-up to these standards in all procedures that are implemented in this regard.

She explained that the challenges of cybersecurity change day by day, noting that cybersecurity work is not just a job that is practiced every day like any job, but it is a process that needs continuous follow-up.
900 I have been alerted to the existence of cybersecurity jobs for a long time within banks and financial institutions in Egypt according to the standards set by the Central Bank of Egypt.

900 She mentioned that information security is the responsibility of every person in the organization, and here comes the importance of raising awareness for all those dealing with technology, especially in Financial areas.
900 The spokeswoman identified three elements of insurance: technology, users, and operations. In light of that, a bank Egypt is conducting an ongoing risk assessment to test the bank’s technological system and its compliance with information security standards.
900 He pointed out Gabriel Chiqui,The regional director of Delina pointed out to two important elements that must be focused on in the cybersecurity process, namely the availability of tools that provide immediate follow-up of the technological system to ensure that the person who enters the system is the person authorized to enter and not another person, and the second element is reaching the level of mistrust within Different work systems. Technological solutions used in the insurance process, including the insurance policy for all system elements, including customers from abroad such as agents or others.
900 We must also – he adds – have specific criteria for evaluating digital security operations for all elements such as applications, databases, infrastructure and users, whether from within the organization or from outside, and therefore we must identify the important elements that we need to secure so that we do not reach What is known as the blind spot, through digital means of continuous analysis in the digital system, which provides accurate information on each of these elements and locates The expected danger.
900 The symposium was held within the activities of the twenty-sixth session of the International Exhibition and Conference on Technology in the Middle East and Africa, Cairo. ICT, which will continue until 14 this November, inside the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the guest of honor of the current session of the Cairo ICT Exhibition and Conference 406, Which was launched under the slogan Leading Change, and focuses on the tremendous development witnessed by the technology sector in Egypt and the region over a quarter of a century.
900 The event includes the participation of more than 29 speakers and is accompanied by several specialized technology exhibitions and conferences, namely PAFIX, DSS, SATCOM, INSURETECH, ManuTech and Startup Africa. and Connecta, and the event is sponsored by Benya Group, e-Finance, Huawei, Dell Technologies, CIB, Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, and Orange Egypt.