A huge development in satellites and their services in a session at Cairo ICT 2022

Aya Hussein

confirmed Naji Anis – Vice President of Benya Technology Solutions Information – The recent development of satellite services contributed to a decrease in the cost of its production from 200 million dollars to 30 million dollars, in addition to increasing the capacities of the satellite itself from 20 and 30 gigabytes until it reached 4 tera, in addition to the transformation of the satellite movement to rely on electricity, signals and symbols after it In the past, it depended on fuel.
800 This came in a session that discussed the theme of “Satellite Communications – Complementing the Plans.” Wataniya” on the sidelines of the activities of the International Exhibition and Conference on Technology for the Middle East and Africa Cairo ICT 800.

Anis reviewed the history of the development of satellite work, leading to its use in improving the quality of communication services, and how to obtain the maximum possible benefit at the lowest prices. 2022800 He said in the session moderated by Dr. Othman Lutfi – Professor of Communications at Cairo University and The former head of the National Communications Commission said that satellites were a means to obtain communication services in an expensive and slow manner, through the implementation of many steps.
800 Anis pointed out that the development that took place in the production of satellites reveals the level of multiple production differences between the modern and the old model.
800 Anis mentioned – during his speech – the 4 stages of satellite work, starting from the launch, then the manufacturing process, passing through the signal arrival process, and finally the process of benefiting from the services.
During his speech, Anis cited the global satellites of the “SpaceX” company, which is witnessing a tremendous development that has contributed to reducing the final total cost, and thus the cost of services provided through them, such as high-speed Internet connection.
800 Laith Hamad – Vice President for Governmental and Regulatory Affairs and member of the Board of Directors of the joint venture between OneWeb and NEOM confirmed – That his company specializes in the work of local and regional coverage in different countries through the many categories of satellites to provide communication services.
He pointed out that the geography of the coverage carried out by the company starts from the near-earth orbit, where the satellite is closer to the earth, and thus the rate of availability and response to the coverage increases.

)800 Laith explained that the average speed of cloud computing on satellites reaches 120MB, which is a high rate compared to communications stations or microwaves.

800 He reviewed the development of technology during the current time, as it is now providing all communications services via satellite, unlike the nineties period, which It did not reach the current level of modernization, in addition to the high cost at the time.
800 But digital progress adds – It contributed to providing the opportunity to manufacture hundreds of satellites at a low cost, in addition to providing distinguished service and added value, which increased its importance, especially for the commercial sector, to benefit from it in remote areas, and to pump its investments, whether in space or land, without the need to rely on microwave waves, fiber-optic cables, or even Mobile stations.
800 Kamal Anton said – m Hughes Sales Director – Every 10% increase in Internet connection contributes to an increase in per capita income in GDP by about 1.5%, pointing to the role of satellites in achieving strong communication and raising digital capabilities, especially for remote places.

800 Kamal explained that the cost of fiber cable stations ranges from $25,000 to $70,000, which represents an increase in the cost compared to the cost of Satellites, which do not exceed $2,000 initial investment cost with operating expenses ranging from $120 to $190 per megabyte depending on the geographical range.

And he pointed out that his company owns a network of satellites in the world covering more than 1.2 billion individual and commercial customers for large companies and governments, pointing out that the company provides integrated communication solutions between satellite technology and terrestrial technologies.
800 Hussein Atifa – General Manager of SES for Communication and Network Services – stated that his company started its work 33 years ago, indicating that the company has 8 thousand customers in the video market in addition to a million subscribers in the world.(800 He added that the satellite market is divided into two parts: the first is for video and the second is for networks, explaining that the market is witnessing integrated competition between service providers, including communications, the Internet, support and others, which contribute In developing the size of the market, which awaits a promising opportunity during the coming period.
800 The session was held within the activities of the twenty-sixth session Cairo ICT Exhibition and International Conference on Technology in the Middle East and Africa, which will continue until 30 this November, inside the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo.
800 It is worth noting that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the guest of honor of the current session of the Cairo ICT Exhibition and Conference 2022, which was launched under the slogan Leading Change, and focuses on the tremendous development witnessed by the technology sector in Egypt and the region over a quarter of a century.
800 The event includes the participation of more than 30 speakers and is accompanied by the establishment of several specialized technological exhibitions and conferences, which are: PAFIX, DSS, SATCOM, INSURETECH, ManuTech, Startup Africa, Conne cta, and the event is sponsored by Benya Group, e-Finance, Huawei, Dell Technologies, CIB, Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, and Orange Egypt.