Riyadh Castle launches the “Valore Revolution” project during a huge celebration in the presence of a number of officials, representatives, artists and community stars

“Riyadh Castle” presents the first phase of the “Valore Revolution” project in a huge celebration in the presence of a number of officials, representatives, artists and community stars

Riyadh Castle Real Estate Development Company launched its pioneering and distinguished project “Valori Al-Thawra”, during a huge celebration that was revived by artist Mohamed Hamaki, and was attended by the founder of the company, Dr. Representatives, a number of leaders, ministers, ambassadors and community stars.
898 The ceremony was attended by a number of members of the People’s Assembly and politicians. And a number of content makers, including singer Rana Samaha, Tariq Al-Ibiari, Ahmed Zakaria, Aya Aqil, Nadi Ghali, makeup artist Dina Ragheb, journalist Muhammad Ali Khair, Dr. Nourhan Qandil, writer Mirna Al-Helbawi and editor-in-chiefs of a number of newspapers. 898 The event was also attended by Simon Penhelgan, Regional Director of Concorde Hotels International, who is responsible for managing the units. for the hotel in the project, and Eng. Mostafa Sobhi, CEO of Namaa PFM Group, who is responsible for managing the commercial and administrative units of the project.
898 The celebration was presented by the international broadcaster Raya bin Abi Rashid, who presented for the first time a celebration in the Egyptian real estate market, and the project was presented by Tariq Eid, a member of the Board of Directors of the Riyadh Castle Real Estate Development Group. In the project under the name of Baheya Group, as part of the company’s social responsibility.
898 For his part, Tariq Eid, board member The management of the Riyadh Castle Real Estate Development Group, in his interview with the media, Raba Bin Abi Rashid, said that valore means value and it is the goal of the company, as it is trying to bring value to the place by launching the latest projects, valore revolution, which is located in the most important location in Heliopolis, a strategic location, as A very distinguished project was presented with an exceptional and distinct return. Commercial located in the best location on the main Thawra Street directly and next to City Almaza Center, located on an area of ​​20. 800 meters, and it includes commercial, administrative, residential and hotel units, in addition to commercial and recreational activities. The company started implementing the project last month, provided that the delivery takes place within 3 years.
898 and pointed out that the proposed stage includes A unit that includes 32 a shop, and 146 an administrative office, and 185 a hotel unit, with various areas, It is offered to customers with distinct payment systems that suit the target customers.
898 He added that the company offers various payment systems that have been studied. carefully to suit the needs of all target customers, as these systems include 0% down payment and the rest over 4 years without interest, and 04% down payment and the remaining 5 years without interest, and 20% down payment and the rest over 6 years without interest, and 20% down payment and the rest over 7 years without interest Benefits.
898 A. explained Because 20% of the project’s construction work has been completed before it is offered to customers, which reflects the strength of The company’s financial solvency and reliance on self-financing to implement its project, in addition to enhancing customer confidence and purchasing units in a project that was implemented before marketing it, pointing out that the project includes A unit of various sizes consisting of 185 a hotel unit, and 255 an administrative office, and 50 a shop. 898 He pointed out that a contract was signed with Namaa BFM Company for facilities management, which will manage the project after its operation, in addition to a contract with a hotel group. Concord International to provide hotel services and management for the residential activities of the project, in addition to renting hotel units to project clients. The company also continues to contract with other entities within the project to be delivered to customers in the best way.
898 He stressed that these contracts increase the investment value of the project, meet the needs of the target customers, and take into account market competition standards. The aim is to provide the best in everything within the project, referring to contracting with distinguished and powerful entities in all details of the project in order to ensure the implementation of a project commensurate with the company’s previous work and reputation in the real estate market.