The Forbes Under30 Summit highlights inspiring young leaders and entrepreneurs

Aya Hussain

The Forbes Middle East Summit (Under2030), the first of its kind in the region, concluded , its effectiveness, after witnessing discussion sessions, musical events, and an opportunity to network and build relationships over the course of 3 days.
witnessed The summit held 28 a two-day dialogue session, with the participation of a group of entrepreneurs and investors, artists and business owners, important personalities, and a group of ambitious and successful youth in various fields.
The summit highlighted the achievements and potential of the most inspiring youth in the Middle East from the annual Forbes Middle East list (2030Under15), in addition to inspiring young leaders through discussions that dealt with many topics of importance, and providing opportunities for networking and building relationships.
Support Entrepreneurship
The summit participants discussed how to develop entrepreneurship in the current and future work environment. The talks included startups, financial technology, the world of metaverse, and others. Of topics of importance in today’s world, as well as reviewing successful models of celebrities in art and sports, to share their success stories.
For her part, Kholoud Al-Omyan, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Middle East, said: “Happy and proud of the success achieved in creating an inspiring and influential human and practical experience in the entrepreneurship and startups sector in Egypt and the region. The summit succeeded in creating a state of positive interaction between a large group of distinguished entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, celebrities, and elite officials.”
Mohamed Amer, CEO of El Gouna, expressed his happiness at hosting the summit in El Gouna, explaining that this success reflects the city’s strong organizational and technical capabilities and infrastructure, which made it one of the ideal centers for organizing various activities and events. He said: “The success of the summit came to reflect the potential of El Gouna as a sustainable and integrated city, which made it one of the ideal centers for organizing activities and events in Egypt and the Middle East.”
Discussions rich in important topics
The Summit was held 28 Panel discussion, hosted at the University Campus in El Gouna, which covered a wide range of topics and sectors, including finance, social impact, super apps, media, cryptography, e-commerce, education, climate, technology, and more.
The first session of the summit began, on Friday, with a discussion with Mohamed Amer, CEO of El Gouna, as he revealed the launch of “ G Valley” as an integrated center to support entrepreneurs and start-ups, and he said: “We welcome not only young entrepreneurs, but all small and medium-sized companies, startups and influential companies that not only focus on making profits, but also contribute to society on a social and environmental level.”
Omar El Hamamsy, CEO of Aura Co. Skom Development Holding, Mohamed Shelbaya, CEO of PepsiCo Egypt, and Yasser Shaker, CEO of Orange Egypt, in the next session, entitled “Empowering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs,” the three revealed how they work with their companies to encourage and support entrepreneurship in the region.
A panel discussion entitled “Financing Startups” was organized and moderated by Kian Kesiri, Partner at (​​​ RaliCap Ventures, featuring Partner at Sequoia George Robson, COO and Managing Partner at Global (500 Courtney Powell, and President ((A) Bassem Raafat, and Chairman and CEO of (Egypt Ventures) Ahmed Gomaa, and they highlighted the criteria they look for when deciding whether to support a startup, and discussed the current situation in the business ecosystem, and how this affects In their investment decisions.
In a discussion session on the future of the media and entertainment sectors, moderated by the Executive Producer of Al-Duhaih Program, Muhammad Hossam, with the participation of the general manager of Spotify in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia, except for God Ned, Claudis Bowler, Co-Founder and CEO of Podeo, Stefano Fallaha, Co-Founder and CEO of (MO4Network) Aimee Moafy, and Founder and CEO of (Vurse) Shadman Saqib, shed light on the evolution of the media sector and how digital transformation has affected its growth
A panel discussion was also organized with the participation of Dr. Nizar Sami, member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Management Technology (IAMOT). ), and Dr. Ghada Khalil, Director of the Rowad Project 2030 at the Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, and Dr. Suzan Hamdy, Head of the Financial Inclusion and Business Development Sector and a member of the Executive Committee at Banque Misr, discussed the initiatives and steps taken to support Entrepreneurs, with additional participation from Mina Ghaly, Basma Tawakkol, and Mohamed Osseily.2030

In a session on Social Impact Moatasem Al-Awlaki, Co-Founder of NomuHub, with artist Ramzi Mallat, Egyptian squash player Nouran Gohar, and Nayla Khan, Co-Founder of Cas Da Louisa Group, discussed social impact in the region, sharing how each tracking His passion and the impact he hopes to make in the world.
Other discussion sessions included the participation of the Vice President of Anghami for the North African region, Hossam El-Gamal, and the Executive Director of the National Training Academy in Egypt, Rasha Ragheb, and the artist Dora Zarrouk and the artist Stephanie Saliba.
While the next day’s sessions covered technology topics, including a session entitled “Can the Middle East and North Africa region master the work of super apps”, with the participation of the CEO of (Rizek), Manar Al-Amin, and the founder of (MNT) -Halan) Mounir Nakhleh, and PaySky Founder and CEO Waleed Sadek, with an overview of the challenges faced by super apps in the region, particularly in terms of changing consumer mindset.
Other sessions included a panel discussion titled “The Rise of a New Sector of Digital Banking” Neo Banking, in which Ayman Esawy, co-founder of (Lucky App) and Ahmed Wadi, participated Founder and CEO of MoneyFellows, and Anna Hibino, Head of Expansion and Partnerships, Evil Region s Middle and Africa in (Wise).
Hisham El-Nazer, General Manager of Google Egypt and Responsible Entrepreneurship projects and the company’s geographic expansion in the Middle East and North Africa region, and Tarek Daouk, CEO of the Middle East and North Africa region at Dentsu, in a panel discussion on the future of advertising technology without relying on cookies “AdTech in a Cookie-less Future”. Where they shared their expectations for the future of advertising and sponsored media away from reliance on third-party cookies. The untapped potential of Ultra-Platforms”, Abdullah Abu Al-Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of (Astra Tech) Group, talked about his platform, which is based on the (Ultra-Platform) system, and the need to create an ultra-precise platform.
At the conclusion of the summit sessions, the role of women in the technology and entrepreneurship sector was highlighted, in a panel discussion moderated by Manar Al-Amin, CEO of ( Rizek), with the participation of Dina Ayman, Director of Programs at Microsoft Corporation, and Huda Mansour, Al-Mada
(Musical Evenings and Celebrations)
Hosted the Under Summit30) Three nights of entertainment and music events at “Aurora” in El Gouna, which included musical performances over 3 days, with a special musical show on Saturday evening with the participation of Alwaleed El Hallani, DJ Chloe and the band (The Homies). Each night of the summit witnessed an award ceremony honoring the members of the (28 Under28) list who have achieved achievements in various fields.
Forbes Middle East Summit ((Under30 was organized In association with Host Partner Orascom Development, Platinum Partner (EFS), Real Estate Partner (Miramar), In Cooperation with Buy Now Pay Later (valU), Media Partner (Startup Scene), Music Partner (Anghami), Partner Educational partner (ESLSCA), Nile Air, the official aviation partner, Public Relations and Communications partner (Influence), and broadcasting partner (Nile FM). The summit was also launched under the auspices of the companies: (PepsiCo), (Rizek), (Lucky) and (Vurse), and under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.