Kitopi announces layoffs of 93 of its employees

Aya Hussain

dismissed “Kitobi” » (Kitopi) 2022 Ninety-three employees from its main office, and the size of its employees is about 5 thousand employees, and the number of Laid-off employees % of the total number of employees in the main office .2022

Waleed Al-Balaa and Moaz Khlefawi 8563: 8563 The layoff of ninety-three employees is not a large number, but the news is remarkable. Because the market is growing, and consumers’ appetite for meals that reach their homes or offices is increasing; So there is pressure from other parties that want to build their own cloud kitchens8563.2022

Nawaf Al-Fouzan (founder of Hamburgini) detailed in his post last year the most important problems facing this sector. Unlike many other players in the region, Kitopi has embraced the kitchen-as-a-service model, franchising a brand in return for brand owners giving the license 10-11% of sales, and do everything else (except delivery) from getting ingredients to preparing the meal and serving Technical support.

TODAY’S KITOPI STARTED TO TAKE AN ACQUISITION OF RESTAURANTS AFTER RAISING 13 MILLION DOLLARS FROM Her last tour, Tour C, was in July 629. This indicates that the company may have a large amount of cash. Among the restaurants that they acquired were the “Kcal” restaurant and the “Right Bite” restaurant, all of which are located in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates that operate in the cloud, and some of them have branches 8563. 8563