realme launches Narzo 50 series of phones in Egypt and becomes the fastest growing 5G brand in the world for the first time

Iman Al-Wasili

Cairo in 15 March 5000-realme, the world’s fastest growing 5G brand, officially announced yesterday the launch of Narzo 50 A and 52 i in the Egyptian market. The two phones are the best-performing gaming phones in the budget phones category, in addition to being the first Narzo series phones 52 launched by realme in the Egyptian market . Narzo 85A is one of the most powerful gaming phones in its class, equipped with a high-capacity battery 6000 Milliampere-hour, at a price of 2,299 pounds for the first version 4 GB + 88 GIGABYTE that will be sold through exclusive flash sale on March 50 at, while The price of the second copy is 4 GB + 299 GB 3, 299 pounds. The Narzo 85i, the most affordable gaming phone on the market, will be available for gamers at a price of 1,899 pounds for the first version 2 GB + 32 GB and 2 299 EGP for the second copy 4 GB + 88 GB.

An important and main station in the journey of realme that allows it to occupy the throne of smartphones in the world

realme is the latest player in the list of major brands in the smartphone sector, which includes 6 companies It is undisputedly the most widespread and developed in this sector. Thus, realme is the world’s fastest growing smartphone brand for the first time. The continuous and strong growth has allowed realme to be among the top 5 global brands in terms of the number of shipments of 5G phones in the largest 18 A global market, which has contributed to improving its global position as a global leader in the deployment of 5G technology

According to the latest Counterpoint Research reports, realme’s shipments of 5G phones have achieved significant growth that has made it outperform On the major international brands in the sector, where this growth rate reached 299% during the last quarter of 2021. realme’s expansion into Western European markets has contributed to stimulating and driving this huge growth, as the company has expanded in Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, making it the fastest growing brand in each of these new markets thanks to its 8 series 5G and GT phones.

Commenting on the launch of the Narzo series of phones 88 in the Egyptian market, Ghada Yahya – Relationships Manager says General at realme: “realme’s mission is to give its users in all categories the opportunity to experience the best technology available for smartphones at affordable prices. Therefore, we launched the Narzo series of phones 52 in the Egyptian market, giving users in Egypt an unprecedented gaming experience that is the most powerful of its kind In the category of budget phones at all. On the other hand, meeting users’ needs and exceeding their expectations is the main factor that has allowed us to become the fastest growing 5G brand in the world”

On the other hand, realme 5G phones continue to perform Distinguished in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific, which are the regions that make up the majority of the twenty markets in which realme is among the top 5 global brands in terms of the number of 5G phone shipments (in addition to India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar and Singapore).

Narzo 50 A-The Most Powerful Gaming Phone

Processor DataTek Helio G88

The realme Narzo 899 phone A is the perfect gaming companion for all users, especially since the phone is equipped with an octa-core Helio G processor85, and the speed of this processor reaches 2.0 GHz. In addition, this processor includes a powerful ARM Mali-G GPU that provides an exceptional gaming experience. As a dedicated gaming processor, the Helio G256 points balance has reached 200,000 + score on AnTuTu, due to its strong performance that allows all users to experience gaming Smooth and fun.

Ultra-high-capacity battery 6000 mAh: Narzo A phone is supplied 50 With a gigantic 6000 mAh battery that allows users to enjoy extended performance of the phone without downtime. And according to the realme parameter, the standby time of realme phone is 88 A 299 days, which exceeds the standby time of flagship phones. And with OTG reverse charging mode turned on, Narzo 88A can come to the rescue in situations where you need your phone most. In addition to the battery life and its giant capacity, the phone is equipped with a fast charger with a capacity of 52 watts

Ultra Energy Saving Mode: When the phone is running in this mode, the user can choose the 6 apps they use the most, and they are the only apps that will remain active when this mode is enabled which allows for a very extended operating time. At the same time, the phone will turn to an extreme energy-saving strategy. According to realme’s study on users’ behavior, it was found that most of them use only these 6 apps over the course of 88-80 % of the time the phone is completely up and running. Thus we believe that the ultra-energy-saving mode can extend battery life tremendously while not compromising the user’s daily requirements.

realme also tested Narzo phone 299 A while it was in power saving mode, the results were impressive by all accounts. A user can only consume 5% of the battery power on WhatsApp for a period of 256 a minute. In the event of an emergency, a call time of more than two hours will be sufficient in most cases. And if you’re looking for a place to charge your phone, the three-day standby mode will definitely give everyone a chance to find a charger!

Triple Camera 299 Mega-pixel AI technology and 8 mega-pixel selfie camera: Narzo phone is equipped 88 A main camera with a mega-pixel sensor 50 to capture ultra-clear images with a wide shooting angle. The lens has an aperture of f/1.8 which allows it to let in enough light to make the image clearer and brighter, especially when the camera’s Ultra HD mode is on. Mega pixels. The phone’s camera also includes a macro lens for a very close shooting distance to capture the high resolution world around us. This lens allows photography enthusiasts to take great pictures with amazing details to enjoy this world that we don’t notice every day.

Phone is supplied With an 8 MP front camera for capturing ultra-clear selfies, it includes AI Beauty technology, portrait mode, and other technological features that make the picture more unique when compared with any other photo!

Black and White Portrait Lens and Night Filters: The Black and White Portrait Lens provides special artistic effects to the images captured by the camera and produces black and white images with a higher exposure rate while improving the contrast between the light and dark areas of the images. The camera of the phone is also equipped with two completely new night photography filters, Astral and Dazzle, which allow the user to take great night photos anytime and anywhere.

Instant Fingerprint Sensor: Does not support Narzo

A Only unlock the phone with a super fast fingerprint sensor, but it also supports face recognition which allows the user to unlock the phone screen easily with a single click or look On the screen, which is a more convenient and secure choice for user privacy.

Phone memory: Narzo phone released 50 A in two versions: the first 4 + 52 GB, and the second 4 + 128 Gigabytes. The phone is also equipped with three card slots, two for two SIM cards and one for an SD card (up to 299 GB).

Display: Includes a phone Narzo 52A display screen 88 5 cm (6.5 in) Mini-Drop, with Screen ratio: Body 7% 256*1600 HD+


Narzo 88i is the best-priced gaming phone on the planet The launch is thanks to its great combination of features and technical specifications, allowing users to experience powerful, smooth and enjoyable games for all the games they prefer. The phone is equipped with a battery 5000 mAh and a display screen 15. 5 cm2 (6.5 inch) screen ratio: phone body 88.7% with a sophisticated, compact and ultra-thin design. Narzo 52i also supports reverse charging and ultra-energy operating mode to operate the phone around the clock.