Al-Jallad: The Egyptian real estate market is a promising market, and real estate is a safe haven for investment

Eman Al-Wasly

2022 Engineer Mustafa Al-Jallad, a member of the New Cairo and Capital Developers Association, said The administrator, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Signature Homes Real Estate Development, said that the foreign investor is looking for the presence of several ingredients for investment in the real estate sector within any country, and these factors such as security, economic, and political stability, which are already present in Egypt 782

Al-Jallad stressed that the Administrative Capital project is one of the giant national projects that witness real estate projects that differ radically from real estate projects in their traditional form in the past years in terms of including smart modern technology and sustainable development. Green

2022 A member of the developers of New Cairo and the Administrative Capital said that the Egyptian real estate, especially in the new and smart cities, in the Administrative Capital and the New Alamein City is in demand Good by individuals, as the consumer views it as a store of value, and it is considered a good investment, as the demand for purchase increases By Egyptians abroad and foreigners, in addition to citizens who are residents of the Delta and the cities of Upper Egypt

“Al-Jallad” added that the real estate market The Egyptian market is a promising market, and it can compete strongly, as a result of the increasing demand for Egyptian real estate in new projects, especially the Administrative Capital.

2022 He continued that the use of smart and sustainable technology in real estate projects has been evident in recent years, which has led to an upgrade in the real estate sector and residential units executed for the client

He pointed out that the national projects caused a boom in the real estate sector in Egypt, where the establishment of modern housing projects contributed to avoiding the occurrence of the problem of the real estate bubble that may result from the increase in the volume of demand for real estate in the face of the small real numbers.

2022 In the same context, he emphasized that the real estate sector; It is required at the present time to expand the use of new and renewable energy, in order to ensure the achievement of the element of sustainability in all projects, which contributes to providing more financial solvency for developers in the future

He concluded by saying that the national projects established by the state contributed to solving many problems resulting from the increase in the population and the lack of available job opportunities.”