The digital signature is the cornerstone for converting all government transactions into electronic form

Iman Al-Wasli

Muhammad Etman – Head of Customer Platforms Department at Arab Bank confirmed The African International – that the electronic signature is in line with the development goals and Egypt’s strategy towards digital transformation 2030 with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance and advantages of generalizing the digital signature, whether in financial transactions or obtaining services, which also requires the state’s direction in order to support this sector.
9042 Ahmed Saeed – Chief Technology Officer at Delta Trust Company – explained that the electronic signature requires proof of the identity of the signatory to conduct any transaction or obtain any service. This guarantees that the service will reach those who deserve it.
9042 He pointed out that the electronic signature protects against security threats that represent a headache At the head of electronic transactions, it makes transactions more secure and through which the beneficiary can prove the legality of his entitlement to obtain the service.

He added that the digital signature supports the idea of ​​a digital bank through the Reliance on the digital signature because it helps the customer to obtain all his requirements from anywhere without the need to go to the bank, in addition to stock trading operations such as buying and selling in the stock exchange, so that the customer can sign all his dealings in a secure manner.

He pointed out that the electronic signature is the cornerstone for converting all transactions into digital, and that digital certificate service providers depend on two authorities, namely the registration authority and the certification authority Once the electronic signature mechanism is issued, the beneficiary will have a digital identity from the state.
9042 He emphasized that the electronic signature is in line with Global trends towards a green society, because it will end paper transactions and then eliminate carbon emissions resulting from papers.

He hinted that there are challenges to generalizing this represented in technological challenges, which include the obligation to deliver the digital signature service through an intermediary, which is (Smart Token) that is used only through specific devices such as computers and laptops
9042 Adding that convert it to make it available for wearable devices A device such as a mobile phone is very expensive, which necessitates changing the legislation on the way to provide the electronic signature, in addition to the legislative challenges that need to reconsider some procedures.

And he pointed out that the Information Technology Industry Development Authority (ITIDA) is the body concerned with changing the regulations for this industry, calling for the need for the Central Bank to reconsider the procedures imposed on the banking sector so that the citizen can differentiate between electronic signature and password entry processes One time password (OTP) In e & Egypt, the digital transformation is a great opportunity to maximize the importance of the electronic signature, which requires the provision of an integrated security system for electronic signature operations, whether at the level of individuals or companies

He pointed out that the digital Egypt portal was a wonderful measure of the citizen’s response to obtain services without going to the interest or the government agency, which requires increasing citizen encouragement to use and obtain these services. It comes online with the possibility of signing them electronically if required, which requires the importance of raising awareness among the citizen of the importance of the electronic signature and its advantages.
9042 Mahmoud Ahmed – Vice President of Digital Signature, FEDIS Company, said that the most important characteristic of digital signature services is encryption and insurance, which encourages the individual to use it and works to build the lack of confidence in how to deal, whether in financial matters or personal matters via the Internet, and the signature Digital greatly reduces the use of papers, which is economical in supporting the internal budget of any institution or company, as well as reducing the cost of transportation and the time taken to end any transaction, whether bank or government.

And he pointed out the importance of spreading awareness and increasing the confidence of individuals to deal electronically, which achieves the goals of the COP Climate Summit To achieve sustainability and create a greener society with low emissions.
9042 And the opinion of Muhammad Al-Ghoul – Director The first innovation and information and communication technology in Orange Company – that the electronic signature is completely different from the OTP (one secret number) required in bank transactions In cases of transfer or the like, while the digital signature is to confirm the identity of the person and whether he deserves to obtain the service, whether governmental or non-governmental, as it is a safe way to deal with the recipient of the service and its provider in a way that creates trust between them.

9042 He pointed out the importance of the technology used in financial or government transactions being secured to a large extent to achieve the strategic objectives of the service-providing institutions.

9042 He added that Orange is cooperating with Egypt Trust, which is considered one of the oldest companies providing electronic signature service in Egypt, and this Cooperation actually achieves a greater spread of the service in a shorter time, and with the generalization of the use of the electronic invoice, it is a step to encourage companies to use the electronic signature.

And he drew attention to the importance of legislation that helps in the growth and regulation of this industry, and that the increase in transactions depends mainly on the extent to which the legislation is appropriate for the assigned goals and to determine the areas that can use the electronic signature.
9042 He stressed the importance of the partnerships that are currently taking place It is between service providers and various entities, whether from the public or private sectors, that will contribute significantly to spreading awareness and increasing the dissemination of services in a better way.

The session was held within the activities of the twenty-sixth session of the International Technology Exhibition and Conference in the Middle East and Africa, Cairo ICT, which was held for 4 consecutive days from to 11 this November, inside the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo.

9042 It is worth noting that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is the guest of honor of the current session of the Cairo ICT Exhibition and Conference 2022, which was launched under the slogan Leading Change, and focuses on the tremendous development witnessed by the technology sector in Egypt and the region over a quarter of a century.695723009042 The event includes the participation of more than 200 speakers, and it is accompanied by several residences Specialized technology exhibitions and conferences are PAFIX, DSS, SATCOM, INSURETECH, ManuTech, Startup Africa, and Connecta. Technologies, CIB, Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet, and Orange Egypt.